“After being bitten by a poisonous snake a woman lost consciousness. Her condition was very serious. The family summoned a sorcerer, but even after much effort he was not able to help; instead her condition worsened. The villagers had more faith in the witchdoctor than in the doctor.

Finally, having little choice the family took the woman to the doctor. After examining her, he advised them to take her home since there was nothing he could do. They had no hope that she would survive. The poison had spread throughout her body, and she was dying.

They took her home, and as a last resort called our Elijah Challenge servant of God. He went and ministered to her in the name of Jesus Christ.

She then regained consciousness, appearing normal.  The villagers were astonished witnessing this miracle. Through this the Lord has now opened the door for us to reach that village. The family accepted Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator, Orissa/Odisha, India
July 2018