The Elijah Challenge in Australia

Once again thank you for those of you who were able to pray for us for our last outreach on Friday. Lots to celebrate:

# The weather was cold but fine. 

# The turn out was very good, again encouraging for this time of year.

# Worship music played and sung in the background throughout the afternoon

# Khadija, a former refugee from Sierra Leone, spoke very powerfully and courageously of her past suffering as a young m-, of her arrival here in Australia and the challenges that brought, her conversion to Christ and her new life that has resulted. Those from the homeless community (including people from places like Sudan, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Iran, China), who gathered, listened intently and were greatly challenged by her story. God was at work. 

# The conversations and opportunities to minister that followed afterward as team members mingled with so many.

# The generous barbecue that was shared.

# Some scuffles broke out toward the end. Another man was in a suicidal state and after ministry from the team an ambulance was called to take further care of him. Incidents like these always remind us of the spiritual battle that takes place around us.

There are lots of encouragements in the ministry. Yet we long to see more. 


Richard and Garth
Adelaide, South Australia