Suffering a major heart attack in June 2010, on November 18, 2010 we received the following email from Gavin Govender, a pastor in South Africa:

“Greetings in Jesus’ Name. My name is Gavin Govender and I am from South Africa. This June 2010 I suffered a major heart attack. In hospital I was diagnosed with having a damaged heart muscle. I was operated and an ICD unit was installed in my left shoulder. This is very uncomfortable. Please pray that Jesus will give me a new heart and new set of artries and the ICD unit will be removed. Thank you. God bless.”

On November 29, we ministered healing to Gavin over the telephone.

Later that day, he emailed us:

“Thank you for calling. When you took authority over my heart condition my chest area began to lift up and down and twist and turn. Now I breathe well and the thickness in my tongue is gone. I also have much strength in my legs. Praise the Lord Jesus. Thank you once more for your prayers.” Several days later on December 8 Gavin saw his doctor for a check-up. The next day he wrote us the following… “Greetings in Jesus Name. I had my medical check up and praise be to God, my heart is doing extremely well. It has reduced in size which the doctor says is very good. It is functioning as a very healthy heart. Although the muscle damage is still evident on the ultra sound device, I believe it is not there because ‘by His stripes I was healed.’ Thank you for your prayers, I am healthier and stronger now than prior to the heart attack. Once more thank you and God bless you.”

Luke 10:9 “Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God is near you.’”