Reports from Butch & Janet Berner


HIV HEALED: See below


Butch and his wife Janet first trained with The Elijah Challenge in Zambia in February 2005. They have since trained many other servants of God with The Elijah Challenge.

The spirit and power of Elijah in Botshabelo, South Africa

We just returned from the Republic of South Africa where we conducted The Elijah Challenge Basic Training with Joseph & Gladys Rampai. We saw God heal about twelve people during the Training, twenty during the evangelism time and four more on Sunday morning.

One elderly lady testified that God had healed her knee from over eight years of pain. She had been in a brace for her leg during this time but was now able to walk with no brace and no pain. Two had eye problems and could read again. Another had an injury to her elbow and couldn’t bend it properly, but God healed it.

One team who went into a nearby village ministered to a woman’s injured knee and felt the bones move back into place during the laying on of hands. It was good.

One of the healed ladies in the nearby neighborhood came to the church for Sunday service with her husband and two boys. I believe the church will continue doing what God has shown them. We praise God for this opportunity to train in Bothsebelo.

HIV HEALED: The aftermath of the Basic Training

Brother Joseph has been adding between 2 and 4 families per month since I taught The Elijah Challenge in October. They continue to send out evangelistic teams door-to-door. We saw them at New Year’s and they had a lady who had HIV healed—the doctor confirmed that she tested negative. She had previously weighed about 75 pounds and after they ministered to her, she gained about ten more pounds.