“I was inflicted with a horrible obsessive compulsive eating…an addiction, uncontrollable. I would crave for food of any kind, stuff myself uncontrollably and afterwards, even sometimes make myself throw up. You probably don’t remember but I asked you to pray over me. If I can remember correctly, you commanded this demon to depart from me in the name of Jesus.

So that was it, and I went about my life. And I forgot all about it. 

One day, it could not have been too long afterwards—days, maybe a couple of weeks, whatever, but not long in time. I was just living, being me, doing my stuff when I suddenly realized, hey, I no longer have this obsessive compulsive sickening yearning to stuff my mouth!  It was just gone.  I was FREE! How long this compulsion was gone, I don’t know, but I just realized it at that very moment in time.”