“The first man we met was a homeless drummer. He didn’t quite know what we were about and was puzzled. He saw our sign that read “free miraculous healings,” and it took him a few moments as we motioned to the sign but then he quickly nodded his head yes and pointed to his right shoulder. I noticed that when he was drumming the right shoulder was slower. He put his hand on his shoulder and complained of the pain and stiffness and he said it made it hard for him to drum. He could not lift his arm very high and he did with much difficulty. Drumming for the passers-by on the strip is how he made money so it was important to him. We laid hands on his right shoulder where the pain was and commanded that his shoulder be healed in Jesus name, just as the scripture teaches and as we learned in the Elijah Challenge Training.
After we did this, (around 10-15 seconds) we asked him if there was anymore pain and for him to lift up his arm and check to see that he was healed. He said the pain was gone and he lifted up his arm easily with no pain. He looked shocked for a few moments and then his face changed and his eyes welled up with tears. He sat back down on his bucket in front of his drum, and we asked him if he knew who healed him. And he said yes that it was Jesus (through his believers) and we led him in a prayer of salvation and he accepted the Lord and believed on Him who healed him. When we left, he was playing the drums more vibrantly than before. Now he was playing for the Lord with a big smile on his face.
When we had first set out, we prayed that God would send us someone that needed him badly right now, that was in trouble. We asked the Lord to send them to us. We weren’t sure where to go at first but being led we saw the Statue of Liberty (Las Vegas’ version) across from the MGM Grand that had a large golden lion peering down at us. After we healed and prayed with the drummer we continued on our way to stand in front of the statue of Liberty.
We had just got there and barely a minute  passed and a girl came around the bend and I knew that was her and told the pastor next to me. “That’s her.” (from the Holy Spirit) She was drunk and with a group of people. One of our group was a pastor and he held the sign and went boldly toward that group. One of her “friends,” said she needed healing. They kept walking and left her there with us. So we talked to her and found out her incredible story.
Her name is Erica. She had been attacked on the strip a short while before we saw her. She was crying hysterically and shaking with fright. She said that at least two men tried to rape her in broad daylight on the strip and that no one would help her and people just walked by and did nothing. She was very angry and sobbing. We asked her about calling the cops immediately and she said she tried and they did nothing (there were several security officers on bicycles cruising around, one of which kept an eye on us later on). We asked her if we could pray over her and in her sobs, she said yes. We laid hands on her to transfer healing power and with authority we rebuked the spirit of alcohol, fear, and drugs. We commanded healing in many areas. She continued to cry and talked about how she was not a good person, etc. At this time, we were able to contact her “brother” or friend with our cellphone and have him come get her. While we waited for him we ministered to her.  She then began to reveal more. She said she had tried to commit suicide as well earlier that day. She also said she suffered from chronic pain and lupus. We healed her from that as well according to scripture and what we had been taught. Whatever we came across, we rebuked spirits of all kinds and laid hands on to transfer the healing power of God. She said she had two children and wanted to be a good mother as well. We prayed for her too and led her to the Lord. She believed on Jesus Christ and what He had done for her and was doing at that very moment. We continued to stay with her like a lamb we had pulled from the ditch. One member of the group held her like a child and I know that the healing power of love was flowing there. The Elijah Challenge trainee said she thought of her daughter and just held her and loved her. We gave her contact information so she could reach out if she wanted to. She sobered up quite a bit, said she felt lots better and thanked us. She said this place (Las Vegas) was not what it seemed and she wanted to go home. We instructed her to go and rest, get home, and read the bible that was waiting in her room. We had asked her if she had one and like many people it is in their house they just never read it. She said yes, she had a Bible in her room. We prayed for her before she left.
Our group looked at one another and we knew we had met with our answered prayer. Walking back to the shuttle, we realized just how many there were walking around possibly in that state. As
Jesus said, the harvest is plenty but the workers are few. We pray this testimony will help others to join in the labor effort.”