Orissa, the poorest state in India, is dominated by Hindus

Other reports from Pastor Subodh

A big Hindu village called Pastigudi

“There is a big Hindu village called Pastigudi 17 kms from Bhawanipatna. One of our evangelists Brother Prasant Nag was working there. A Hindu family had been tormented by demonic power. They went to several places and spent much money but had not found relief. Finally they came to our Brother Prasant for deliverance.

By the grace of God the entire family was delivered by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Six months earlier they received water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ.

But ten days ago a Hindu family in the village was attacked by a demon spirit. The Hindu family and villagers together blamed the new believing family for sending the demon spirit against them. In this way all the villagers wanted to kill them and destroy their house.

When the believers found out about this, they went to the Police station and pleaded for help and security. For five days they were on the run, but nothing was done by the police. The family left the village last week. I also went to Police station several times. They are very much afraid.

Now all the villagers have come together and are planning against the Christian family. Please pray that God may help us in this critical situation.”

In response to this, we requested our intercessors and partners to pray for this family. On July 7 we received the following from Brother Subodh:

“Thank you for praying for our persecuted believers. They have returned to their home. The police have taken them back to their village.”