The Tharus live in North India

Reports: The Elijah Challenge in India

Pastor Simon Haqq wrote:

“We have already done one event on 19th Jan in District Uttranchal close to Uttar Pradesh. We ministered among the Tharu people who live in a village called Sitargang close to the Nepal border 700 km from New Delhi. We had a crowd of over 200 people. Forty-four people commited their lives to Christ and twelve people were baptized.

The Tharus are the most persecuted tribe in North India. Just to baptize twelve people we had to walk 9 km inside a jungle river to baptize because of the fear of the local people.”

Above & below: dwelling places of the Tharus

Tharus gather in Sitargang

Pastor Simon Haqq preaches the gospel

Above & below: Tharus listening to the word of God

Ragave is healed of severe headache as Pastor Joshua lays hands on him

Tharus receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

Elijah Challenge worker Farah Hussain wins mother & daughter to Christ

Pastor Joshua praying with Tharus before their baptism

Simon Haqq & Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor Rana giving baptisms