The November 2017 Elijah Challenge Training Event in Bhubaneswar the capital of the state of Orissa was attended by servants of God with very established ministries, including pastors, ministry leaders, one with a healing ministry as well as the President of Life Theological Seminary in Orissa Dr. Nimai Suna who holds a doctorate from Trinity Theological in Chicago. Many were from a Pentecostal background and thus were already familiar with the ministry of healing and signs & wonders.
Nevertheless, they had never heard teaching at such a level before. Several shared that they very grateful for what they had learned, and asked us to return next year in order to receive more. One well-known servant of God who already had a healing ministry saw greater miraculous healings at a meeting he held in the evening immediately following the first training session: a deaf person was suddenly hearing and a blind person was seeing. The President of Life Seminary asked us to come back in the future to train his students. The reality is that here in India it is impossible to reach Hindus in large numbers apart from powerful miraculous healings as irrefutable evidence to them that our Father in heaven is the only true God and that Jesus is the only way to Him.

Ministry Leaders who attended our Training in Bhubaneswar
The final evening after the final training session, we preached the gospel in a larger village church outside of the city. After we preached from John 14, our team consisting of Sam Doland from Lake Charles, Lousiana, Brother Shaun from Burma, and Brother Subodh Jena ministered healing to the crowds of people with infirmities who had come to be healed. The people surrounded our team members awaiting their turn to be healed. The Lord’s power and authority to heal were evident, and many were miraculously healed as evidence of Jesus’ declaration in John 14:6. 
“I am the way, the life, and the truth. No man comes to the Father except through Me.”
Many miraculously healed at the village church the final evening