Pastors and Servants of God who trained with The Elijah Challenge


What does The Elijah Challenge do?

Look at the reports below from some of the many of servants of God we have trained in over 40 countries…

Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor leads the fastest-growing ministry in India. At three recent meetings he has seen 10 lakhs receive Jesus—equivalent to one million souls accepting Christ each time—a total of roughly 3,000,000 souls.


Crusade Evangelist Emmanuel Rhema: “The blind received their sight, the deaf had their hearing restored, and the crippled walked. All manner of sickness and disease were healed…All this was made possible because you taught me. Only in heaven will you know the extent to which God is pleased with you.  Read



Another one million souls accept Christ at single event with Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor   Read



Bihar, INDIA – Even political leaders on the TV news gave glory to God: “this will reach millions”

Report from Elijah Challenge-trained Iraq veteran AA



US Army Special Forces Colonel launches worldwide ministry after training with The Elijah Challenge



Professor e Treinador do Desafio de Elias no Brasil: Pr. Ricardo Bueno   mais

Vídeos de Treinamento O Desafio de Elias


Kurt & Mary Simms trained with us in 2008 and now lead The Great I Am Global Ministries

Click to view Kurt’s video



Dr. Benjamin Yoo, Ph.D, Director of E. Stanley Jones College:  “I believe that God has raised up The Elijah Challenge Training and movement for this time and moment in Church history when the visible political, financial and social power of the Church is in decline and that of other religions and institutions seems to be on the rise…”   Read



Foursquare Church leader saw 10,000 miraculous healings after being trained in 2005  Read

Young boy in Malaysia healed by Jesus begins to walk with delight  View video


Elijah Challenge Indonesia Coordinator: Boy deaf & mute since birth healed before crowd   Read



Old Testament miracle & New Testament miraculous healings bring entire village to Christ   Read



Shelly Ragen founded Shiloh Harvest after training with TEC: “great miracles from God in India”  Read


After training with The Elijah Challenge Alan Robinson went to Africa to establish Kingdom Life Center

Reports & Testimonies from Alan




After training with TEC (2006), Carl travels the world preaching with UNUSUAL boldness & power  Read

63 people healed at a distance in Poland in two days  Read



Following the March 2017 TEC Training in Brazil’s Northeast spiritual wasteland, believers went to the public square to heal the sick and proclaim the Kingdom of God (Luke 10:9). Many were miraculously healed of their infirmities in Jesus’ name. Click on photo above to view video.



1,300 accept Jesus Christ in two Elijah Challenge October 2018 Feeding Events in Asia  Read


Endorsements for The Elijah Challenge


Missions in Acts Restored

The Elijah Challenge trains disciples and servants of God to reach the lost, especially in non-Christian gospel-resistant Third World nations. We train them to preach the gospel as Jesus did and as His disciples continued to do in Acts, where powerful miraculous healings provided undeniable evidence to both Jews and Gentiles that Jesus was in fact the Messiah. This brought multitudes into the Kingdom of God in Acts. During these last days, Acts is being restored—leading to an acceleration of the Great Commission before the Second Coming of the Messiah.

A Basis for Reconciliation & Unity between Evangelicals & Charismatics during these Last Days