Our Personal Testimony


I accepted Christ in 1976, and then the following year I was baptized in the Holy Spirit according to Acts 1:8 (“you will receive power to be my witnesses”). The love and presence of God completely overwhelmed me, and so I couldn’t help but begin to witness for Jesus on the streets and neighborhoods of Southern California, eventually with the use of a powerful bullhorn. Because of the Lord’s ineffable love, my wife and I gave up the American Dream—I was within a year of getting my Ph.D. at the University of California, and had also been accepted at a Top 5 MBA program—leaving everything to follow the Lord halfway around the world to witness to those who never heard of Jesus in Indonesia. We were compelled to do this on account of God’s love for us through His Son Jesus. 
Now over the past 44 years as we grow in Him, the Lord has revealed to us through the Holy Spirit more and more about obeying his commands, especially and including living a holy life. As promised in John 14:21 we am feeling the love and blessing of the Father and the Son as never before, even in the midst of a pandemic. He is showing Himself to us as never before by blessing us with heaven on earth in every way, fulfilling His promise in John 14:21.
May 2020