Reports from Don & Anna Parbery

This took place in a town called Casino which is the next town north of Grafton in NSW.

I met a man there at his home. He had depression, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. He had all of these conditions long term and so was under a lot of physical and emotional distress.

God wanted me to tell him that He didn’t create him to live like this, and that he was being lied to. I asked whether I could pray for him. He agreed. Then the Lord gave me words of knowledge for him as I ministered to him and he was set free immediately.  The Lord told him that whomsoever the Son sets free is free indeed and that he would never be the same again.

The pain left him and his face changed. The Jesus freight train of love and mercy hit him and the enemies, diseases and heaviness had to leave and they did. Amen!  Again, I told him to go and find a Bible-believing church in the area and to go and testify what Jesus did for him. He wept and hugged me and then I left. God is awesome. Amen!