Lower Back Healed

At our Seminar on Public Power Encounters last Saturday in Houston, we witnessed the Lord move powerfully through “ordinary” believers. A faithful brother who worships at Chinese Baptist Church, William Gaw, had brought his brother’s uncle for prayer. John Shaw fought in the Vietnam War and had suffered a serious, nearly fatal, wound to his lower back. For years John had endured continuous pain and numbness in his legs. His wife was concerned that, because of the pain, he would not be able to sit through the daylong Seminar.

Near the end of the morning session, I called William and John forward. I instructed William to lay hands on John and to minister as had been taught during the session. During the prayer, John felt an extraordinarily comforting sensation move in his lower back and legs. Never before had he experienced God’s healing power in such a way. After the prayer, John stood up from his seat with relative ease (something he could not do before) and walked back and forth at the front of the auditorium with no trace of a limp. He testified excitedly that there was no more pain or numbness in his legs…praise the Lord! Later on in the Seminar, the Lord used other “common” believers in a wonderful and scriptural way to minister healing to others with infirmities who had come.