“Multiple thousands now have been healed, and many many have come to Christ…”

“Dear Founders of The Elijah Challenge,
Among the scores, perhaps hundreds of churches where we have taught Principles of Biblical Healing and Deliverance, a certain unnamed church in Kolkota stands out.  Before we ever went there when the church was being conducted in an old and dark school-building, Pastor “John” had a vision of himself walking down the street in front of that old school, surrounded by a crowd of people.  As he looked up in his vision, he saw a large white church standing before him and knew in his soul that it was a church God was going to build for him.  As he listened though to the people around him, however, in the vision, they were all — Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians — talking about going to the church to be healed.  In his vision, he walked into the foyer of the church and turned left into the sanctuary.  There, in that room, a crowd of his church members were ministering to all of the sick who came to them, and God was healing people.
He told me he had carried that vision in his heart for years.  Several years ago, God built the church which Pastor John had seen in his vision.  It is exactly as he saw in his vision.  “But still,” he told me, “I kept asking God, ‘What about the healing?  How in the world is this possible?  I know I saw my church members healing people.  How is this going to happen?” 
Four years ago, we taught a three-day program on healing in that church.  Within weeks, so many people were coming to the church — some of them referred by the Hindu Temple 500 yards down the street — that the leadership of the church had to set aside Friday evenings simply for healing.  Last month, I had the privilege of traveling with Pastor John into Nepal to teach at a church which he and his congregation have fostered there in the little crossroads town of Dhulabari.  When Pastor John returned after our shared time to Kolkota, he dropped in literally unannounced on the regular Friday night healing service at his own church, and, without laying hands on anyone, he filmed these clips (below) to send to me.  This is his congregation, without pastors present many times, ministering healing to all who come every week, every Friday night.  Sometimes hundreds come.  Multiple thousands now have been healed, and many many have come to Christ and joined this church and others.  Pastor John has opened doors for us all over northeast India and has become one of our closest friends.
This is the result of your sowing into us.  Thank you.”
Received in April 2018 from a servant of God who originally trained with The Elijah Challenge