Sandra leads Shammah Outreach Ministries and hosted The Elijah Challenge with Rohan Rambally in 2013
Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 – 9:00 a.m.

A colleague came around this morning actually looking for another colleague and asked me if I had seen her.  I said no and that she was not in the office yet.  This particular colleague is the one that we prayed for last week  – for her father in Sir Lanka who is sick.  We prayed for her father at the Prayer Command Centre last Thursday, April 3, as well.

She is a believer and so is her father.  She came into my office and she said that her father is feeling better; however, over the weekend these terrible wounds had opened up on his feet out of the blue and his legs had become extremely swollen.  He has also been experiencing nightmares with deceased loved ones coming to him in his dreams.  I told my colleague that these were demonic attacks, and that she and I would stand in the gap and pray for him and so I shut my office door.
I proceeded to lay my hands on her legs and took authority over the swelling and the wounds and commanded them to go in Jesus’ Name. We prayed over the nightmares and the demonic attacks in his dreams and took authority over them.  She felt a peaceful presence after we prayed.  We will wait for the praise report from Sir Lanka!
Then she proceeded to tell me that she has been having problems sleeping as well and that she feels flem all the time and a sense of choking during the night.  I took authority over the demonic spirits and commanded them to go and continued to pray over her.  She started coughing it out. Again, she sensed something lift right off of her and very light and testified to breathing better and was free.
She again proceeded to tell me she has so much back pain and shoulder pain.  I told her Jesus would show her His miraculous grace today, as well.  I began to pray over her legs and her right leg was over one inch shorter than the left.  I made sure she saw this and she was astounded.  After taking authority over the leg – it grew out to meet the left leg and she could feel it grow.  She extended her arms and her left arm was over one inch shorter than the right!  No wonder she was having so much pain.  It grew out further than right and then both aligned and she was shaking with glory just thanking Jesus.  She could feel it grow and was in awe.  I prayed over her shoulders and back and the pain lifted in Jesus’ Name!  She was in pure glory over what Jesus did!
She then proceeded to tell me further that she had been having an over astounding presence over her of a friend from many years ago – that she cannot get that off of her — the image and presence of this person takes over her thoughts and mind and his picture is in her eyes.  I took authority over the unholy soul-tie in Jesus Name and commanded it to go and prayed over this and she once again felt a huge presence being lifted off of her.  Glory to God!!!
My colleague was under a cloud of Glory and she just kept giving Jesus all the praise and thanks!!!!
We give King Jesus all praise and thanks as He continues to show Himself in the workplace!!!