Kurt & Mary Simms

 Reports from Kurt & Mary Simms

“Two weeks ago My wife and I were at the Plane State Jail teaching our regular Bible study and at the end I left room to share just a little bit of The Elijah Challenge. I told them that we would ask the Lord to confirm that Jesus was the only way to the Father by healing the sick.

We asked the women and there were many illnesses, bad knees, backs etc. We ministered healing at a distance [as Jesus did to the centurion’s servant in Luke 7] and asked if there were any testimonies and one woman came forward and said her knees had been healed.

After that I asked if there were any other knee problems and one large woman came forward and Mary laid hands on both knees at once and both were healed immediately.

Then a lady asked what about eye sight and I told her that nothing was too big or small for my Lord to do so Mary ministered to that woman she had had cataract surgery years back. We didn’t get the results of that woman’s sight for some other women had called attention to this woman who had an infection in her eye and she was at the back of the room and she could not see Mary at the front of the room. I laid hands on her eye and commanded her eye to be restored and it was immediately, she said she could see my wife fine now.

I asked the women who healed these women and they replied “Jesus did” so I said give praise to him and to examine themselves according to the teaching I had been sharing with them and told them that these bodies are going to decay and die and that they needed to bear fruit worthy of repentance.

I asked if there was anyone in the room who was not absolutely sure if they were to die today whether the were right with God and there was one woman that was in tears and she was ministered to.”

Then at the June 30 meeting at the prison two weeks later, the following took place…

“I had been teaching an ongoing Bible study on the book of John at the Plane State Jail with the help of my wife Mary. After a very short introduction of The Elijah Challenge last week I decided to continue with further teaching. After presenting the introduction to the Basic Elijah Challenge Training and answering several questions, I asked the women to tell of their infirmities. Then we would ask the Lord to confirm the teaching that it is generally His will to heal the sick and cast out demons [especially when the gospel is preached to the lost].

We commanded with authority at a distance [as Jesus did at the beginning of Luke 7] for various infirmities, spirit of depression, pain, to be healed etc. We asked if there were any testimonies and everyone was quiet at first. Then one woman spoke up. She had had an abscessed tooth which had given her constant pain and all pain was gone. Another had had burning feeling on the bottom of her feet and she was healed. Another had had a migraine headache which vanished. Another didn’t have full movement of her two thumbs and now had a full range of motion. Another had had trouble breathing due to lung problems, but she was relieved and could breath freely. Another had felt a peace come over her while we were praying up front. This sums up all those who testified of being healed at a distance.

We asked others who had infirmities to come forward. One woman had been in a bad car wreck and suffered pain from the past injuries of a broken leg, foot, and hip. Mary laid hands on her and we commanded with authority, and all pain was gone. Another woman came forward with degenerative discs and other vertebra problems also in constant pain, and she was healed. There was another woman who two weeks earlier had said she questioned her salvation. At the beginning of the class I was able to fully witness to her and she had expressed that she was battling with evil and was confused. During the healing at a distance she proclaimed that the battle she had in her mind lifted and a peace came over her.

I asked the women who had healed them that evening, and they reported that Jesus Christ had. I told them to be witnesses and to testify to others about what Jesus had done. What the Lord did tonight is all overwhelming. All I can say is Hallelujah—praise to the King.”

Kurt teaches…

“The Church has lost the keys to reaching the lost souls and ignored God’s commands and instruction given in scripture. They have diverted to a man centered gospel that satisfies itching ears “That God has a wonderful plan for their life “ lacking the power of His Holy Law (Ten Commandments) and the power of the authority given to his disciples that accompanies the Gospel Of Jesus Christ.

No wonder so many false converts are created when what is being preached is a deceiving love story. Truly a person could never turn to God in repentance and faith toward Jesus Christ unless the spirit of God has convinced them of their eternal consequence of Sin. They come into the Church and are promised the fruit of the Spirit:

Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

They are told they have been saved and they fall right into the program of working and serving in the Church including all the lavish amenities of the church country club.

Then they see they are still going through the same problems they always had they look to each other and compare themselves by themselves instead of The Bible. They make excuses for their problems because they have been told that it is just this flesh body they live in and it will be all better later when Jesus comes.

What a terrible deception (powerless gospel) the Devil has sold to the Church. They use every method but what is given in the Bible which has the power to save, change, and transform those whom He has chosen before the creation, to be Holy as he is Holy, to hate the things He hates, to love the things He loves, and live to please The Father as Jesus did.

I praise God that He has a wonderful plan for our lives but it is not the plan that the modern church is selling. When I look at the Church—and when I say Church I am speaking of the typical American liberal church—there is a whole group that is in need of being captured by the true Gospel.

But this is a harder task than reaching people who have never heard about Jesus. They have been ruined by so much false teachings and traditions that they have become calloused to the truth—they love the world and have put their tent stakes in this world. But God is almighty and powerful and I pray that he will raise up more mighty workers to plant, water, and harvest, to wake up the sleeping Church to repent and turn to Him.”