Miraculous healing brings complaint & accusation from servants of God

“Recently our Elijah Challenge workers went to an unreached village in Orissa and came to know about a family where a woman had been suffering from a migraine headache for six months. Other servants of God had ministered in the same village, distributing tracts and praying for the sick. Over a period of a few months they had prayed to the Lord for the woman with the migraine, but she was not healed.

When our two workers happened by the village, they ministered to her with the Lord’s power and authority and she was instantly healed. A week later the other servant of God, a pastor, stopped by her house and saw that she was completely healed. The woman reported to him that our workers had ministered miraculous healing to her.

He was very upset and went to the home of our worker. He said that he had been ministering for a long time in that village and had accumulated 20 years of experience and wisdom dealing with Hindus. He accused our workers of teaching false doctrine and disrupting their mission field. He told them to stop.

He then asked for my telephone number. He called me and repeated his words. I apologized and told him that we did not know that he was laboring in that village.

I am really surprised how a servant of God can feel this way. Five months ago I experienced the same complaint from another ministry. On two occasions so far I’ve received such complaints from servants of God. But interestingly Hindus have never complained.

Please pray for our Elijah Challenge servants of God to be used more powerfully.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator, Orissa/Odisha, India
August 2018