Orissa, the poorest state in India, is dominated by Hindus

Other reports from Pastor Subodh

More miracles at home harvest more new souls

We had a wonderful program on 9th January. God was so gracious to us. His presence was so powerful and His work was marvelous. We are so happy that God has started our ministry with a miracle in this new year of 2010. In the beginning of this I asked God to add twelve Hindu families to our Church. This is a first miracle that two new high cast Hindu families came to our church on Saturday.

Let me tell one important thing about the district of Kalahandi where we serve. This is both the hottest and poorest zone in Asia. Orissa is known as being poor in India and Kalahandi is known as being poor in Orissa. And in the spiritual realm, the percentage of Christians is two percent of the population. When Orissa became independent, the ruling king was a fanatic Hindu and he did not allow the work of the gospel. Until now it is a hard place for gospel work, especially in Kalahandi. But God is opening a door nowadays.

Miracle reports

One of our believers from the state of Bihar was suffering from bleeding and stomach pain. It went on for one month constantly. She consulted all the doctors of Bhawanipatna. Finally she was advised to go to the capital hospital of Andhra Pradesh for a check up. Then the stomach pain started to become severe. She suffered for three days, and they informed us and called us to pray. It was Decmber 31, 2009. In the afternoon we went to their house and ministered to her. She was completely healed. The bleeding stopped and she was able to attend our church service on New Year’s Day. She celebrated the New Year in the church and testified of God’s miracle in her life. Praise the Lord.

On January 9, a brother named Gobordhana had been suffering from fever and headache for many days. He is from another village but he had heard about our ministry and came to attend our program to be healed on that day. When I ministered to him God touched his body and he was completely healed. He testified at the meeting what he felt and how he had been completely healed.

We praise God that He is extending His territory in His time. Miraculously, two Hindu families attended our prayer program. One woman named Sibani was suffering from knee pain for many days. I did not know any thing about them and why they came to our church. However, the Spirit led me to minister to that particular sister. She was standing when I went to her and afterwards she sat down. After the program was over, they left for home. They called us at night on the phone and told us that God had healed her of the knee pain. They were so happy and told us that they believe in Jesus Christ and will continue to come to church. The day before yesterday they called us to pray with them in their home. Praise God.

One sister named Lata Naik is a new believer in our church. She was suffering from back pain. For all of two months she was not able to walk, work at home or to stand straight. Many times our evangelist brother went to their home to pray. She even went for a medical examination, but did not get well. The pain was increasing day by day and she was getting weak. Because of the pain she was not coming to church. But God helped me to minister to her. Now she is well; God touched her and she is healed completely.

One mother in church had a bad back, and also had pain on the left side of her body. Although she was suffering from the pain still she never missed any of the services or the meetings. Because of her pain she was not able to bend over. When I asked at the meeting if anyone was present who needed healing in their body to inform me, she stood up. For one week she had pain and was not able to work and sit properly. I commanded her to be healed in Jesus’ name. At that very moment God touched her and healed her. She testified that her body felt warm and she felt better. Praise the Lord.