Jakarta, Indonesia

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The one-night Training was conducted at an Assembly of God Church in Bekasi,  a suburb of Jakarta. Toward the end of the evening, we had the believers come forward to minister healing as they had just been taught. A young man who had had a heart condition since birth went outside the building and started running and kept running—something he should not have been able to do without getting tired quickly. After the second lap he was running fine and normally. A man who was deaf (or partially deaf) in one ear reported that he could hear normally from that ear after being ministered to. A man who was oppressed by audible voices reported that he felt relief afterwards. A man who had numbness in his legs because of a stroke was running in place and doing squats normally afterwards. There were other testimonies as well.
The husband & wife pastors of this congregation plan to use what they learned last night to reach out to the sons of Ishmael in their cell groups. They will invite infirm adherents of that religion to attend their home cell groups. There they will heal them in the name of Isa Almasih (Jesus Christ in Arabic), and then share the gospel with them. When they experience miraculous healings, many will put their faith in Isa as Lord and Savior. Then they will be discipled in the homes (not in church) according to the Scriptures to become disciples of Jesus Christ. However, they will not change their official religion to Christianity—something the Lord never commanded—and thus will not face expulsion and be able to remain members of their community. But they will follow Jesus just as you or I would, and they will be able to reach out to the unsaved members of their community.