April 2014

We estimate the salvations in the March 2014 tent meeting to be approximately 1,000,000. Whatever the number, it represents a dramatic increase in how the Holy Spirit is reaching the lost through Simon and indirectly through The Elijah Challenge and the Feeding Events. 

We have a Pastor’s Network consisting of 21 pastors spread out in communities on the outskirts of Delhi.  There are another 150-200 pastors outside Delhi, with small fellowships of 30 to 40 Christians.  All have trained with The Elijah Challenge through Simon and team member Hanok Masih.

So far Simon has planted 8 churches in and around Delhi.  The Elijah Challenge and Feeding Events India supply the funds for the pastors of these little churches. The remaining 13 pastors have believers’ fellowships to which they minister and sometimes we provide them with financial support. 

In addition to the house churches in Delhi, Simon has planted 26 rural churches in the villages around Hardiwar.  The gospel had never been preached in these villages and some had never heard of Jesus before our Feeding Event. We help to support these pastors. 

We have 21 pastors who have been trained and are waiting for churches.  Our 18-month goal is to do 21 gospel events in unreached villages and plant a church, along with a full-time pastor, in each village. 

Also, Simon is training Sister Madhu, a faithful believer, to start a women’s ministry among the 8 churches we planted in Delhi. As far as we know, this has never been attempted before.  The Elijah Challenge training will be needed at some point as they will be teaching the gospel and ministering to the sick in their meetings.

While preaching the gospel is our highest priority, discipleship is a close second.

Our motto is ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IN JESUS’ NAME.  Our goal is 2 million souls in 2014 with God’s help. The door is wide open.

Simon is asking for prayer as he meets with the TV people next Tuesday and Wednesday about scheduling him to preach the gospel on television.