Man with terminal kidney disease experiences the Lord’s miraculous healing power

Many more reports from our harvest workers in India

“The Lord is so good to do mighty works through our Elijah Challenge harvest workers in India.  Praise the Lord!

A few more reports…

man had been admitted to a hospital due to kidney failure. The doctor reported that he would not live more than a month. Having no hope for survival he was brought back to his village. Our Elijah Challenge workers had been visiting that village to minister to other people. When they came to know about the man’s condition they went to encourage him and minister to him. As they did, he could physically feel the touch of the Lord’s healing power in his body. Now after over two months, he has had no more symptoms of the kidney disease. He is far better than before,  He is telling everyone that he will not die since Jesus has healed him. His entire family accepted Lord Jesus. Once a week his family gathers for prayer.

Kunti had a 7-year-old boy who from time to time over the past two years was tormented by an unclean spirit. Her family had taken the boy to different places to get rid of the demonic attacks, but with no results. So they called our Elijah Challenge workers. When our workers showed up, the boy was under attack by the demon. But when they ministered to him with authority in Jesus’ name, he was instantly set free. The family accepted Christ.

In that same village there was a four-month-old baby boy who had not been able to open his eyes since he was born. His family lived near Kunti, the mother of the boy who had been delivered from demonic attacks. They went to Kunti and asked her to come to pray for their baby boy. So Kunti asked our Elijah Challenge workers if she should go and minister to the boy. Our workers encouraged her to go, and provided some guidelines to Kunti—a new believer—how to minister to the baby. How wonderful it was that when Kunti ministered to the baby with the Lord’s power and authority, he opened his eyes for the first time in his little life.

Gita had been suffering from some kind of skin disease in both legs. Even after taking much medication she was still not well. When our workers were having a fellowship meeting in her village, she came and asked them for help. They ministered to her. Marvelously, the next day Gita’s skin was 90% dry. Within one to two days her skin had completely cleared up.

In a village called Naira there lived a woman possessed by demons. She was completely out of control. Even 3 or 4 people could not make her sit still. She would shout and scream. Even before our workers arrived at the home where she lived, the spirit said through her in a loud voice, “I will leave and I will not stay.” The demon was frightened, and came out of the woman just when our workers began to minister to her. Praise the Lord.

Please continue to uphold us in your prayers.”
Elijah Challenge Coordinator, India
April 17, 2019