Other Elijah Challenge events in Indonesia

Seed planted by The Elijah Challenge well over two years earlier in Indonesia finally took root, grew and bore fruit with a bang.
Ugaran, West Java
June 29, 2009

Java (encircled) is the most populated island in Indonesia with the fourth largest population in the world

Indonesian pastors launch out by faith

In February 2007, The Elijah Challenge held a one-day Basic Training event for pastors in Indonesia at a town called Ungaran in West Java. Our host was Pastor Andreas Anwarwidjaja. Following that Training event we did not receive any news from them until June 2009. We learned that they had not forgotten what they had learned from The Elijah Challenge. What we planted 28 months ago had begun to sprout in a dramatic fashion.

Report on original Training Event in February 2007

On June 29, 2009 the pastors got together and boldly conducted an evangelistic Crusade-type event (“KKR Kesembuhan Illahi”) in the open air. The gospel was preached and they ministered to the infirm just as they had been taught back in 2007. Many people were healed, restored, and refreshed in their faith. Some of the reports included healing from arthritis, high blood pressure, and poor eyesight. There were testimonies of a lame person being healed as well as someone who had been unable to lift his arm. Others were healed as well.

Pastor Andreas Anwarwidjaja

Indonesian servants of God healing the infirm in Jesus’ name

Laying hands on the infirm as Jesus taught His disciples

Woman (right) testifying that she is healed