Kallianpury at the border of Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi

The Elijah Challenge in India

Pastor Joshua Gowda of The Elijah Challenge Training Centre in New Delhi wrote:

“At Kallianpury we had very successful Feeding Event. This slum area is heavily populated in the middle of the slum. We squeezed into a very small area to minister.

People were sitting and standing on their rooftops and listened to the Gospel and received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. A new Church met the following Sunday with 78 people gathering for the worship service. Pastor B. Lal was appointed as the pastor.”

Believers trained under The Elijah Challenge ministered healing to the infirm and the Lord performed miracles of healing through them. The testimonies proved that our God is the only true God.

Below is a photo essay of the Feeding Event in Kallianpury

Above & below: Pastor Joshua in foreground

Above & below: the squalid slums of Kallianpuri

Distributing gospel literature

The Feeding Event

Above & below: healing the infirm in Jesus’ name

Mrs. Pulvati works in a garment factory and suffered from back pain for three years. The pain completely disappeared after a trained believer laid hands on her.

Rambati was not able to work or sleep because of a problem with the left side of her shoulder. After the laying on of hands she was healed and gave her testimony.

Puspa was not able to speak since her neck operation. After an Elijah Challenge-trained believer ministered to her she was healed and could speak properly.

Above & below: listening to the gospel in a cramped space in the middle of the slum

Listening to the gospel from rooftops

Pastor Simon Haqq in white sharing the gospel

Above & below: hearing the gospel of the forgiveness of sins from every nook & cranny

Above & below: receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

And a new church is planted where there was not even one before

The very next Sunday morning, seventy-eight new believers in Christ Jesus gathered for the very first service of the new fellowship being planted in Kallianpury.