Reports from Albert Kang

Jesus Loves Ministry in Klang is responsible for initiating 17 branch churches. Most of these churches reach out to the Indian communities in Malaysia. Grace and I were invited to minister in the English service of this church which is shepherded by Pastor Lydia Padman. About thirty parishioners attended this service. In spite of the size, the worship was extremely lively and enjoyable. In fact, everybody enjoyed it so much that it lasted a full hour.

My message that morning was from John 14:12-14 – the theme scripture verses of Elijah Challenge Asia:

“I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father” (John 14:12).

However, I did not go to these verses until much later. The sermon proper began with John 14:15 – “If you love me, you will keep my commandments”. The purpose was to emphasize to the congregation the importance of obedience. Obedience and ministry effectiveness are closely connected. To love the Lord is to obey Him in all our words, thoughts, behaviours and actions.

The congregation had a ball of a time learning the Ten Commandments. Using hand symbols, everybody learned these commandments without much effort. One of the leaders wrote me later that he had enjoyed memorising these commandments.

Making sure that they understood that no grace of God could be appropriated on unrepentant hearts, I moved on to the topic of Power Evangelism. Sharing about my experience with The Elijah Challenge and how in the last three years, I had successful healed more people with the authority of Christ than all my twenty-plus years of ministry combined. Telling them how God led Grace and me to The Elijah Challenge. Disclosing the truth of my scepticism and how that first session at The Elijah Challenge Seminar changed my life and ministry forever.

The congregation was visibly ready for the miracles as I shared more testimonies about successful healing cases. Their faith-level was rising by the minute. Then I invited the infirm to come forward. Five ladies responded. The church members thought that we were joking when I said that Grace and I would not be healing these people but the members of the congregation would have to do so.

I requested Pastor Lydia to choose members of her congregation to help in healing and she appointed twelve ladies who stepped forward to take the instant course on how to heal the sick. After instructing them not to close their eyes and to follow after me as I command the diseases to leave, these “instant-trained” believers were ready.

Finally, everybody was in position. The five infirm ladies had different maladies – knee pain, finger pain, a bone spur at the sole of the foot, skin problem and a sciatic nerve pull that affected the back and leg.

The next step was to show them how to lay hands on the affected areas. Making sure that their eyes were open and hands probably placed, I shouted out the commands with mountain-moving faith.

The first lady to be healed was the one with the knee pain. What a joy to see the surprised look on her face as she tried out her healed knees. Then the second lady who had a painful bone spur in the sole received miraculous healing. The lady with a skin condition felt a warm sensation flowing through her legs and her itch gone.

The fourth and fifth healing came much later. The lady with the sciatic condition was healed of the back pain and also the pain down her leg. The final one was the lady with a painful thumb. Every time, she bent her thumb, the joint would jam and cause an intense pain. When she demonstrated to us, she literally screamed in pain when her thumb got caught in the jam. The ladies surrounding her were trying their best but to no avail. Finally, I asked Grace to take over and lead them in taking authority over the painful thumb. Everybody in the team was very earnest and exercised mountain-moving faith. Glory to God in the highest – the pain left immediately and the lady was completely healed.

After the service, some of the members approached us and said that they were fully convinced that they themselves could heal the sick in the name of Jesus. We are now making plans to go back to this church and give them a complete basic training of the Elijah Challenge model of End-time Evangelism.

This little healing service proves that The Elijah Challenge approach can be used in almost any situations. We have seen hundreds being healed in large healing rallies and even one person being healed in a home or hospital room situation. Born-again believers should learn to claim their God-given authority and win souls by using this Power Evangelism approach.

The ministry of healing begins

Healed and giving public testimony!

Reported by
Rev Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia