During the week following the Crusade meeting, we received messages and heard reports which follow. This section will be updated as we received more reports.

“This morning the chief police of the central police department of the city called me to ask something about the 3 days of meetings and thank you Lord for that. I think this was a good opportunity for me to witness Jesus to him by the way…I told him about the miraculous signs and wonders occurred in this meeting and many people got heal in the name of Jesus.

We are very thankful to God and very thankful to you for the meeting. Many people got heal and believed Jesus. It was a spriritual earthquake and the evil spirits must escape. I have heard a good story yesterday. There was a man who had cancer. He was very sucessful in his life but cancer attacked him so he was disappointed. He came to the meeting by a Christian friend. Before this meeting he could not walk but in the meeting God performed miraculous signs and wonders and heal him so he can walk. So amazing! Now local church continue to taking care of him. Really he know Jesus who he is? I am very emotional and continue to pray for this nation and believed that God open this nation very soon. We proclaimed this year. We hope to see you that day you will turn back preaching gospel for our people. Big harvest and big mission field in our country. May God bless you all.”

—Pastor M. P.


“Thank you for introducing your training to our country. The Lord not only fulfilled our hopes and wishes, but in a MUCH BIGGER and MUCH LARGER scale. I can not imagine the impact this training has in my country. Again THANK YOU VERY MUCH! The Lord really uses you mightily. …Last night I talk to a brother, and he was surprised that something like your crusade happened there. …Your crusade is a turning point in the history of Christianity there…”

—D. N., Founder of Far East for Jesus


“Your Crusade is indeed a turning point in the history of Christianity in that country. This event really encourages us. I’m sure all the upper-level government starts wondering all the miracles have performed. God will destroy all the unreasonable statements which against the Christians. He will make the entire Crusade to a legal meeting. Pastor will not change his appearance and run away without continuing the rest meetings. May God bless all your heart.”

—A. C., Monmouth Chinese Christian Church


“I was so happy to attend your teaching course and evangelistic meeting last Wednesday. The first time in my life I witnessed the miraculous things God did in His children and non-believers among us. We would like to say thank God first for bring the Biblical teaching about healing the sick and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the losts through you and your wife as well….Thank you so much for everthing you have brought and taught us during your presence here. May the Lord bless you and continue using your ministry to all unreached peoples over the world…As a servant of God, there is nothing more meaningful than being used by God. My prayer is that I could be used by Him fruitfully. All for His glory and honor!”

—T. P.


This morning (July 21, 2003) I spoke with the pastor who hosted us while we were there. He said that the miraculous healings have been continuing through the ministry of the local leaders, nearly two weeks after we fled. This is the evidence that the impartation of power and authority to His Church and His servants there has been accomplished. They will continue to preach the gospel and heal the sick in Christ’s name at the mass meetings which they will continue to hold. We are in theend times. God has begun to restore His power to His Church!

The police are still looking for the man who did all the miracles at the meeting. We hope they find Him, for his name is Jesus, who can save them from their sins!


“We are also rejoicing at what we witnessed at the big meeting in last time. This is a first time in our ministry service the Lord, we have not seen before. I know the Lord use you [here] mightily to minister in power to His people to accomplish His purposes for them. We still having some troubles here with government.”

—Pastor H. N.


“I would like to tell you that I stayed at the meeting afternoon on July 9th, 2003. Everything until now is good. The words of praising the Lord Jesus from the participants have spread all over the City and some provinces. There are a lot of wishes and dreams for the bigger and bigger meeting to talk about only our Savior Jesus in this country. Thank the Lord Jesus for your presence at Vietnam in the last days.”

—Pastor G. N.


July 25, 2003: Today we received a telephone call from a believer in Houston who is originally from the communist country. He has been receiving email messages containing additional testimonies of miracles done by the Lord Jesus at the meeting. People who came to the meeting with cancer in their bodies, those suffering from depression, and those possessed by demons were healed. These miracles took place instantly as they sat in the meeting with no one laying hands on them or praying over them. Those who had cancer went to their doctors and received medical verification that they no longer had the disease. Those with depression were delivered and stopped taking their medication with no more symptoms. Those suffering from painful arthritis were healed. These reports are addition to those miracles already mentioned in other webpages on this site. Not since several decades ago when well-known American evangelists visited this country before its fall to communism has anything approaching this event occurred. The news has spread quickly and believers throughout the country have heard of what the Lord did. The Church has been greatly encouraged and refreshed. The people want me to come back soon for more meetings, but I’m telling them I’m not the One who did the miracles! He is still with them, and will continue to do the mighty works through His believers! (John 14:12)

“About the things you wanted to know happened right after you left, the policemen in civil clothes sent for my brother, who was the one signing the renting with the restaurant. Two of our leaders and some others were also asked to be investigated, even until the day before I left for the States.

During the service, when you and I were up in the stage, some policemen did force their ways up stage to stop and pull us down, but were stopped cold by some women from the AOG Church. Then they called higher officers to come, ordered to cut off the electricity, but did not do so for fear of the commotion would occur with more than 2,000 people, which was not good for them.

About the fruits that you started off with, there was a wave of bold faith to heal the sick among the believers. I mean, individuals started to practice healing the sick. And things happened! Healings took place! About testimonies of healing right in the service after you left, I assume you already know? But there were more cases of healing that took place when the people went home!!

For me personally, you were and have been such a blessing to me my respected brother!
You know, I had been tapping into this field of healing ministry and witnessed some amazing healings. But it seemed like God used you to help me change gear to a higher dimension!”

—D. K., Crusade Interpreter


Pastor A. N. who helped us 
flee the police from the Crusade meeting


News of the meeting also reached believers in Vietnamese communities living outside Vietnam, including Australia and Southern California:

July 2006: Ripples from the Crusade reach Europe

Heard while ministering in Langenhagen, Germany in July 2006

“Over lunch before a sister sat down with us and shared about the impact of the July 2003 Crusade in Saigon. We had not know the extent of it. The Vietnamese believers here in Germany were exuberant when they received the VCD of the Crusade and witnessed the great thing the Lord had done in their home country. It was a turning point of the gospel in Vietnam. They made copies of the VCD and boldly distributed them to Buddhists and idol-worshippers (“My God is definitely bigger than your god.”) Some decided to follow Jesus after viewing it, as did a woman living in Warsaw, Poland who came to attend our meetings here.

Sometime in 2003 this sister received a copy of a videotape from the historic July 2003 Crusade in Saigon. She saw the miracles that took place and heard me preach the gospel. After viewing the videotape, she decided to follow Jesus Christ. When recently she heard that we were teaching in Germany, she came! Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace.

Meanwhile, things were happening at home as a result of the Crusade in Vietnam. Following that meeting there was a momentary surge in persecution; the authorities were upset at what had happened on their home turf under their very noses. A foreigner had come and preached at a big illegal underground meeting, and all kinds of unauthorized miraculous things were reported. But eventually when the believers in Hanoi—the very Communist north and the seat of power in Vietnam—heard of what the believers had done in Saigon way down south, they were emboldened to do the same thing themselves in defiance of the government authorities. Brazenly they held an open-air meeting in a park. The authorities were very displeased, but the believers would not be denied. Eventually the government capitulated and granted them the freedom to hold such meetings. There may be a saying that goes, “as Hanoi goes, so goes the rest of Vietnam.” Now that it’s legal in Hanoi, it’s also legal down south as well in Saigon. Apparently the believers in Saigon are now enjoying a measure of freedom to gather and worship they had not known before. And it all started in July 2003 with that Crusade in Saigon! We are so thankful that we were a part of that historic event. It had more impact than perhaps we will ever know this side of eternity.”