The Elijah Challenge was hosted by Pastor Devlin Yong of Full Gospel Tabernacle
October 2009

First, the Basic Training

The Basic Training was held simultaneously in two different churches: Bread of Life Church and in Full Gospel Tabernacle. The Lord’s grace was evident at the two respective initial Training Sessions. We were given wisdom to teach His servants effectively. At the demonstration of healing at the end of the session at Full Gospel Tabernacle, a woman was totally set free from arthritic pain in her hip down to her upper calf as two sisters laid hands on her. At the Mandarin Chinese-language session in Bread of Life Church, only thirty people were expected. But about 100 servants of God showed up to be trained.

Then, the Evangelistic Rally

The Lord graciously enabled us to preach the gospel as never before at the evangelistic healing rally held in the Sabah Trade Center. After the preaching the trained disciples went into action. The Lord graciously healed many through them and 29 people went up to the platform to give their testimonies. There were reports of unusual and powerful healings. A man stood up from his wheelchair for the first time. There were reports of eyesight and hearing restored. A small boy had eyes of unequal size. But as his mother testified about what the Lord had done, I looked at his eyes and could not tell the difference between the two. A boy who walked with a limp was walking quite normally.

Hearing all these testimonies, many repented of their sins and committed to follow, obey, and serve Jesus Christ.

A native man had come from his village three hours away to attend the meeting. The Lord healed him of his infirmity, and he went back to his village sharing with many people what the Lord had done for him. (See below for his testimony.)

Lucille’s evangelistic healing rally was also very fruitful. Many were healed by the trained disciples after she preached the gospel from John 14. A whole family came to the Lord.

Many testimonies of miraculous healing confirm the gospel of Jesus Christ

Several people who came up to the stage to testify that the Lord had healed them.

More testimonies in the aftermath of the event | Still more reports

“I attended the evangelistic event. I brought a cancer sufferer. I left the hall a little bit early due to transportation. I am pretty sure that man did experience some special touch from God. I will get his confirmation later.

I consider the meeting was fantastic. The sermon was well organised and presented. Definitely, many newcomers did not feel akward to acknowledge their interest in believing in Jesus. The traditonal way, having them to come forward does not seem to work any more. For the time being, I will let myself be well-grounded in your method from the manual and other sources in your website.”

-Pastor Michael N.

“Last night our prayer meeting was charged up with faith. The worship leader had a fall and her leg was swollen and very painful. Those who have gone for the Elijah Challenge Training came forward and prayed over her. She felt better right away and her faith was charged up. The whole atmosphere changed.

Another lady who had gone through the Training shared that she ministered to a person in her cell group who was having a bad sore throat. Afterwards her throat had a sensation of opening up and she could talk better. It is exciting.”

-Pastor Lee Lee from SIB (Gospel Assembly of Borneo) in Likas

“Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The Elijah Challengers in Sabah are very privileged and blessed to receive from your goodself the revelation and training of the power and authority to evangelise through the healing of the sick. Praise God that He sent you to enlighten us through your teaching of His Word and the wondrous work that we are empowered to do to bring others into His kingdom. I can forsee many miraculous happenings as we go forth humbly to serve the Lord. I pray that the Elijah Challengers of Sabah will serve boldly and fearlessly in humility, bringing many to Christ in the course of our obedience to God’s command.”

-Stanley, SIB (Gospel Assembly of Borneo) in Likas

“I thank God for having given me an opportunity to attend the Elijah Challenge Basic Training and really understand it’s faith (mountain-moving) that is applied when healing the sick. I had God’s blessing that the few sick people I laid hands during the Sunday Evangelistic Rally went up to the stage to testify of God’s healing power.

A local Dusun native person who is my colleague (Sadib Miki) was healed by God and he sent me the testimony in the Malay language. I will forward it to you later. I had planned with Pastor Yong that we want to visit his village to heal more of the sick there and preach gospel to them.

My knee pain is also no more. On Sunday morning my knee pain was healed and I testified how nine years ago I was walking/trekking in the jungle I had injured my knee. I pray God to strengthen my mountain-moving faith as I go out to carry out the healing and to preach the gospel to fullfil God’s Great Commision.”

Tham Yau Kong from Full Gospel Tabernacle

“I experienced back pain for over four months which caused me difficulty in getting up while seated. It felt like there was a needle poking me causing great pain whenever I moved. I had already gone to a clinic, but the doctor said that there was nothing wrong. I went to a traditional healer for treatment and half of the pain left, but it would often return. But that evening it was amazing because the painful needle sensation in my back disappeared suddenly as they laid hands on me. This was the miracle that I myself experienced from the Lord. What is written in the Bible is really true. I really rejoice and give thanks to the Lord and to the disciples who ministered to me. PRAISE THE LORD.

All this time I had read all of the New Testament but wasn’t sure about it and really wanted to know. But since the evening of my healing I am really aware and sure how great is the power of the Lord in the name of Jesus. PRAISE THE LORD.”

-Sadib Miki, Village Kiau, Sabah, Malaysia

Below is Sadib’s testimony in the original Malay language:

“Saya mengalami sakit pinggang belakang sajak lebih 4 bulan lalu menyebab saya sukar bangun dan berdiri dari duduk seperti ada jarum tercucuk yang sakit sangat bila bergerak, saya sudah pergi klinik tapi doktor kata tidak apa apa, saya jumpa bomoh dan bobohizan, sakit nya sudah kurang 50% tapi pandai balik lagi, tapi waktu malam 11hb sungguh menghairankan sebab yang macam jarum di belakang saya hilang dengan tiba tiba selepas di doakan. Inilah keajaiban yang saya alami sendiri dari Tuhan, memang betul yang di katakan di dalam bible, saya sungguh bersyukur dan berterima kasih kepada Tuhan Yesus dan semua umat nya yang berdoa untuk saya. PUJI TUHAN.

Selama ini saya membaca bible sampai habis bahagian perjanjian baru tapi saya setakat ingin tahu saja dan tak yakin, tapi sejak malam penyembuhan saya betul betul sedar dan yakin bahawa bertapa hebatnya kuasa Tuhan atas nama Yesus. PUJI TUHAN!”

“Pastor Yong and the church cell leaders have agreed to go to Sadib Miki’s house in his village to heal the sick people on November 27, 2009. I had told Sadib Miki and he was very happy. He wants to bring a lot of sick people to his house to be healed and to know the teaching of God.

Last Sunday in the church two people were healed of their infirmities. Tomorrow night we will be ministering healing in an unbeliever’s home BUT they have great hope to see healing. (See below for his testimony.) Please pray for the strength of the knowledge we learned from Elijah Challenge to work in tomorrow night’s mission.”

Tham Yau Kong from Full Gospel Tabernacle, October 26, 2009

“Six were healed (4 family members of Mr. Jeffrey, his elder sister and nephew), all testified and gave glory to God. We managed to get Mr. Jeffrey, 2 children and children of his elder sister to come into the church youth and the family to come to church services. God is powerful and He really worked through us. We will keep going to the homes of the lost to heal the sick and to tell them our God is so powerful and loves all people.”

Tham Yau Kong from Full Gospel Tabernacle, October 28, 2009

“I am truly blessed by your ministry. What you have thought us, I am practicing it with my family & children. I am training my children to be my disciples and teaching them what I have learned during the Training. My little boy who is 6 years old had diarrhea since yesterday & kept going to the toilet many, many times till last night, and I told him to command and speak to the diarrhea to stop, Yes, indeed God healed him. The whole night he did not go to the toilet and slept soundly and today he is able to go to school. Praise the Lord!”

-Vivien from SIB in Likas

“During last Wednesday’s prayer meeting [October 21, 2009], I asked and received prayer for healing over my foot – I had twisted my right ankle earlier that day.

As I woke up the next morning, I felt my foot was much better, slight pain and less swelling. I thank God for His healing, but, thinking to play it safe, I re-bandaged it and went on to work.

As the day wore on, my foot was getting more painful. By 5 pm, I could no longer stand the pain and decided to go and consult the orthopedic specialist in the hospital where I work, thinking to ask for an X-ray in case there is a fracture. When it was my turn, I told the nurse that I want to take off the bandage first because I do not feel good that the doctor has to do that for me. After I took off the bandage and walked into the room, I began to feel stupid and wanted to turn and leave because the pain was gone. At that moment, I knew God had healed my ankle.

However, my consultant was waiting for me so I had no choice but to let him examine my foot. It was no surprise when he said my foot is OK and that I do not need any treatment – no X-ray, no bandages, no medication.

I learned that day that when God heals, it is complete healing and I was the one who hindered His way [by re-bandaging my foot in the morning]. Praise Him for His faithfulness. To God be the glory.”

-Kitty from SIB in Likas

“This weekend (27th November 2009) a team of 20 Full Gospel Tabernacle church members trained by the Elijah Challenge in Sabah will be going to Kiau village in the interior. They will heal the sick and tell them that God’s kingdom is near them. We hope that through God’s almighty power, more souls will be saved. (See the report directly below.)

I just want to testify here that the power and authority that God has given to us is not only to heal the sick, it can also cast out evil spirits.

On November 9, 2009, I was with a Catholic friend. We were driving to Pakalungan village, a very remote village in the interior of Sabah. We were driving through a very bad logging trail. In fact, the number of four-wheel-drive vehicles travelling between this very remote village and the main town in one day is less than ten.

When we were just about an hour from the village around 2 pm, we stopped our vehicle for a quick lunch. After lunch my friend tried start the engine, but to our astonishment the engine would not start. There seemed to be some blockage of the electricity to the starter. My friend spent half an hour trying to hotwire it for a quick start it but it just would not start.

Then we realized that we were in an area where the practice of witchcraft was very prevalent among the local natives. I knew we were in very spiritually dark surroundings. Then I thought of The Elijah Challenge Training where we had been taught that God had given us power and authority to heal the sick. So why should I not use this power and authority to “heal” our vehicle even though it’s not a human being?!

I commanded, “In the name of Jesus…” Then we turned the ignition key. You would never believe me, but the engine turned over and started normally! How can we explain this from a technical point of view? My friend could not start the engine for almost a half hour. Then when I commanded, “In the name of Jesus…,” the engine started!

Our God is very powerful. As long as we trust Him we are in His hands and He will look after us. Praise the Lord.”

Tham Yau Kong from Full Gospel Tabernacle, November 22, 2009

“Twenty strong Full Gospel Tabernacle Church members led by Pastor Delvin Yong left the city of Kota Kinabalu at 7 am and headed for Kiau village. After leaving the main highway, the offroad journey into Kiau Nuluh village was tough and eventually we reached Sadib Miki’s house at 9:30 am.

We prayed to God asking Him to release His power and authority through us as we would carry out a great commission for Him—to heal the sick [as part of proclaiming the kingdom of God]. Kiau village has about 800 people who are from the Dusun Hill tribe. The majority of them are Christians but most seldom go to their churches to worship God.

After Sadib Miki was healed in the Elijah Challenge Healing Rally in the city of Kota Kinabalu on October 11, 2009, he testified about the power of God in his Sidang Injil Borneo Church in Kiau village. Many of the villagers wanted to be healed just like Sadib Miki.

Today there were about 77 villagers, mostly elderly people, who turned up at Sadib Miki’s house to hear the good news of “God’s Healing Power.” They believed and trusted that God would heal them. They confessed their wrongdoings and would testify if God healed them. Twenty-five requested healing and twenty-three of them were healed. Twenty-two of them testified that the power of God had healed them and gave Him the glory. One old lady [who was healed] did not testify. A man who had suffered from a stroke and a disabled child needed more ministry.

We thank God for revealing His power and authority. The twenty strong FGT church members ministered with mountain-moving faith, and twenty-three Kiau villagers were healed. Sadib Miki said it was the first time the villagers saw that the power of God was so great. They will all go back to their churches to worship God.

We will keep on carrying out more Elijah Challenge Healing missions. Praise the Lord!”

Tham Yau Kong from Full Gospel Tabernacle, November 27, 2009