“Praise the Lord. We had very fruitful monthly harvest workers’ meeting. It was such an encouragement to hear from our Elijah Challenge servants of God. Our God is using them very effectively. We received outstanding reports of miraculous healings. Fourteen new house churches started meeting beginning the first week of this month, January 2019. God has done mighty things for the families of some witchdoctors, resulting in them accepting the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was a really blessed time of fellowship with our workers. We are very much thankful to God for such significant miraculous healings and deliverance through His harvest workers.”

“Five more house churches were planted by the end of the month.”

Some reports

“In a village called Tipesia a man had been attacked by a demon spirit causing him to act like a madman. He did not stay at home and was running around everywhere. He would roll in the mud and his clothes were always covered with mud. His parents would shut him up in a room at night, but when they opened the door he would run out. They summoned our pastor to their village where two of our trained workers stayed in their home for two days. For two nights they commanded the demon to release him in Jesus’ name. Praise God he was completely delivered and set free.

One man suffered from diabetes, tuberculosis and high blood pressure. He is only 50 years old, but he looks ninety. When his condition became very serious, everyone thought he would certainly die. His family brought him back home from the hospital waiting for him to pass on. But it happened that two of our workers were visiting that village to meet with some elders. They requested our workers to pray over him. The man’s condition was so bad that when they approached him they were afraid that after prayer he would die and they would get in trouble with the family. Nevertheless they ministered to him as they had been trained to do. Praise God within a few minutes the man opened his eyes and sat up on the bed. He is now well and recovering. Now 25 families are gathering together for prayer to the Lord.

One of our pastors was going to a new village 12 kms distant from his field. While he was talking to a new family, they shared about a problem they were having with their children. Two of their boys could not sleep at night and the third one didn’t eat. They attributed it to some demonic power or the work of a sorcerer. Our pastor shared with them about Jesus and his healing power. They believed and asked him to minister to their boys. Now there is no more problem in their home. Once a week our pastor goes there to minister. Nowadays two other families come for prayer from him.

A woman had two malfunctioning kidneys and and been bedridden for four months. But since her husband was a very popular sorcerer people were fearful of visiting her at their home. At one point their doctor even refused to treat her and told her husband to take her home. As a last resort the sorcerer called our pastor to pray over her…she was only 40 years old and her husband was very upset. Our pastor went to their home and began ministering to her in the name of Jesus Christ. Day after day over seven days he went to minister to her, with our other pastors also joining him. Praise God, the Lord touched her and now she is able to do everything on her own.  

Thank you so much for your prayer and support. Tomorrow I will send a few more reports.”

January 12, 2019

“There is one newly-opened village called Rigardbandh where lived a 15-year-old Hindu girl who was very ill with asthma and difficulty breathing. Her parents called our pastor and inquired about healing through Jesus Christ. Since they thought that they had to pay for healing prayer, they first asked how much he would charge to pray over this kind of disease. They were poor and could not afford anything. But they had seen so many others miraculously healed in the village so they thought they would ask. Our pastor took advantage of the opportunity to share them about Jesus.  After he ministered to her in Jesus’ name, she was able to breathe normally. They all believed and accepted Christ.

One man had back pain, and had sought treatment at many big hospitals. But not getting any relief he was very upset. One of his friends is a believer who advised him to seek healing prayer. But that was out of the question since he came from a Brahmin family. Then the believing friend told his wife to go instead. She ended up bringing her husband along with her to the fellowship led by our pastor. That very first week he was touched by the Lord. He felt much better with no pain. He knew that some supernatural power was present which enabled him to sit for 2 hours straight without any pain. The following Sunday by auto-rickshaw he brought his bedridden mother to the fellowship. Praise the Lord his mother was also healed, getting up and walking around.

A Hindu family had had no children after 10 years of marriage, and they were continually worshiping and sacrificing animals to their goddess. One day our pastor visited their house but before he was able to say a word he was told not to say anything about the “Christian God.” Our pastor left. That night a certain sheep, which they had kept to sacrifice the next morning, kicked him and broke his leg. Immediately he called  our pastor and said, “If that is what the goddess gives me, I do not want to sacrifice to her anymore. Please come pray over us.” So our pastor went to their home. They are now believing that Jesus will give them a child. All of the family members are now joining in prayer.

A 25-year-old woman had demons. She would roam around and do unusual things to frighten people. She would not stay at home and would go wherever she felt like going. One day during a prayer meeting we were holding in the field, she came in and sat quietly. Seeing her everyone was afraid, but she did not do anything and just left afterwards. The following week again she came and sat. Then along with all the believers, our trained pastor commanded her to be set free. She went home. From that day on she stayed at home and kept quiet.

A young girl named Rumu Sabara was very sick for many days. Although her family had taken her to the doctor and she had been taking medicine, she was not feeling well. Finally they asked our Elijah Challenge pastor to minister to her. They thought that maybe only Jesus Christ could touch their daughter and heal her. Within two days she was completely healed. They accepted Christ as their personal Saviour.”

January 13, 2019
“In the village of Salohi, there was a mother with back pain and one leg in a bent position. She had been admitted to a hospital. Our worker went there and ministered to her in Jesus’ name. The Lord healed her miraculously. In that village there was also a child who was sick for a week. He had been given medicine to take, but he did not recover. Our worker went and ministered to him by the laying on of hands, and the child was healed. Three of the family members believed and accepted Jesus Christ.
In a family living in the village of Dudhiapali, a young girl and a boy were possessed by demon spirits. The family took them to a nearby sorcerer who kept them for few days, but nothing happened. The family heard about our workers and summoned them. Two of our trained workers went to the village and stayed for two days ministering to them while the demons were coming and going while screaming and making loud noises. But praise God that both of them were miraculously delivered. Two of the family members accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour.
In the village of Dhatutikra a mother was sick and vomiting. She had been unable to eat for three days. Our workers ministered to her and the vomiting stopped. The family believed in Jesus Christ. In that same village, a mother was suffering from arthritis. At times she had difficulty standing and walking. But thank God that when our workers ministered to her she was healed and began walking normally.
In Tipersingha there was a young man who was possessed with a demon. With his screaming and running here and there the villagers had a problem. When our worker went there the demon created a scene for an hour. But after one hour the demon left and the man was normal. It was wonderful opportunity for our worker to preach the gospel. Two of the families accepted Christ and many others believed in Christ.
In Pardiadhi although many of the villagers refused to receive our workers, there was an opportunity to minister to a man who had fallen resulting in swelling in his leg. The Lord healed him.”
January 24, 2019


“Yesterday I informed you that 5 more house churches have been planted in the villages. Therefore this January, 19 house churches have been planted in the villages. Praise the Lord.”

January 26, 2019

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