Reports from the ministry of Debi Frey

November 25, 2012

“My 25-year-old daughter Stephanie, who lives in Austin has met a very wonderful 30-year-old gentleman. He is a very kind and humble man. They have been dating one year.  I was fortunate to meet him several times over the past year and came to learn that he had two tragic incidents in his life that left him with chronic hip and back pain.  

When he was 13, he was riding his bicycle near his home during a big horse show and a truck towing a horse trailer ran off the road slightly and hit him, the fender of the trailer locked somehow with his bicycle and he was dragged along the road for many yards.  He recovered, thankfully, but lives with much back pain from that.  Also, when he was a freshman in high school, he was on the wrestling team and the opponent ripped his left hip bone completely out of its socket.  He was rushed to the emergency room where, without anesthesia, the ER doctor and several nurses forced it back into place.  The muscles and tendons were ripped badly.  He has lived with severe chronic hip pain for 15 years.

Stephanie and this young man came to visit us in our hometown this weekend for Thanksgiving.  I told them about many healing events over the course of their stay with us (to build up their faith).  I also told the young man that before he left to travel back home, he have the opportunity for this same healing.  

Yesterday, as they packed up to leave, my husband, Stephanie and I placed our hands on the exact spots that have been plaguing him non-stop all these years.  As I was taught from the Scriptures in your teaching sessions, I commanded healing and restoration in Jesus’ Name.  I announced that the Kingdom of God was near to him.  I commanded the pain to GO!  Never to return!

Then, immediately, I asked him to move his leg and bend back and forth to let us know about the pain level and range of motion.  I asked him “on a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is the pain now?”  He bent over to touch his toes, he stood back straight and then grabbed his left foot behind his back and pulled (almost like a yoga pose), without losing balance, he smiled really big and said — “I can’t feel any pain.  I am trying to make it hurt, but I can’t seem to move into a position where I can feel any pain at all!”   He immediately praised God and thanked Him, which I love – because many times, folks thank me and I have to correct them so that they see it was God and not me.

He now lives pain free, praise God, yes praise HIM – I am thankful, very thankful, that as the medical industry in our great USA is crumbling all around us, God is raising up HIS SOLUTION to illness and pain in our midst.  It has always been there, but I believe that we will see more and more of His Power and His Glory that proves He is the Christ as more and more people seek Him out due to the lack of doctors, expense of doctors and medical premiums, etc in the coming months and years.  This is very fertile ground for us to work in.”

November 30 Update

“Stephanie’s beau just texted me to say that he has been able to hit the treadmill “really hard” all this week and has not experienced pain in his back or hip!  He is so thankful and excited.”

-Debi Frey, Louisiana
Frey Consulting Group