Butch & Janet Berner lead The Light of Africa based in Zambia


Reports from Butch & Janet


The Elijah Challenge in the Nyawa Chiefdom, Zambia

September 2010

“I am a missionary in Zambia, Africa with Overland Missions. Recently we held a conference where Butch Berner taught the power evangelism course through The Elijah Challenge. The indigenous men and women of the Chitonga tribe received the teaching with enthusiasm and expectation. After the teaching, we took our men out for a two-day outreach in a neglected area of the Nyawa chiefdom called Chili.

We first encountered one of the more powerful witchdoctors in the area and took a time to share the word of God with him and his five wives and various patients who lived on his property. The Zambian men and women who attended The Elijah Challenge Training were asked to pray for the various patients and every one of them were healed. Our men weren’t asking, they were declaring…they were commanding. It was a beautiful sight.

The witch doctor gave his life to Jesus Christ along with the rest of his household. The next morning we held a large meeting and had over 60 testimonies of people being healed of blindness, pains throughout the body, demonic strongholds, etc. Every person we ministered to testified of being healed. This pattern has continued as the norm for an entire month of ministry through over 20 villages representing thousands of people.

This sudden experience has set our disciples on fire for Jesus. They are now convinced of his desire to operate in power through his people so that the nations may come to Christ. It has been nearly a month since this teaching was given and the men and women are begging me to take them into areas where they can demonstrate the power of God to an entire village. Praise God for his truths that are wonderfully expressed through this teaching!”

-Jacob Schwertfeger