What is The Elijah Challenge?

The Elijah Challenge seeks to train the Church to fulfill the Great Commission and make disciples of all nations, especially in the Third World. We train committed disciples and missionaries to follow the pattern the early Apostles set forth in Acts when the gospel exploded throughout the known world as it was confirmed to the lost through extraordinary miraculous signs. The end will come only when the gospel of the kingdom has been preached in the whole world in the very same way by the Church today as a testimony to all nations—even gospel-resistant ones.

Testimonies from the Elijah Challenge Training Event in LAS VEGAS


Offering “Free Miraculous Healing” on the Las Vegas Strip!



Shelly Ragen and Teddy & Shar Murphy


Shelly Ragen

Shelly ministers miraculous healing to cashier at Walmart in Jesus’ name



Doubletree Hilton DSM Airport Hotel
6800 Fleur Dr, Des Moines, IA 50321

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Endorsement from Molecular Biologist Susan Miller, participant at our Las Vegas Training Event

“Thank you, Elijah Challenge teachers! The teaching from each of you was excellent. I can honestly say I have never attended such a good training. I truly appreciate how you are able to break down ‘complicated topics’ of the Bible (healing, Jesus’ power) into easy to understand information. I also fully appreciate that you are careful to NOT include man’s tradition or doctrine in the teaching. You are very careful to only teach what the scripture says about Jesus’ ministry and how we are to share the gospel. No additions! Undoubtedly, you have the gift of teaching and demonstrate extreme graciousness. It seems everyone says that!  I cannot say enough good words about my experience in this Las Vegas training and each of the Elijah Challenge ministers. It was very nice to meet every single person in the weekend Training Event and team up together for God and form new friendships. I very much want this experience to be had by every believer and hope that others will become interested in my home state (of Utah) too!”