Report from Elijah Challenge Pastor Rabindra Malik

“A woman named Laseri had been suffering from ear and migraine pain for a year. Also her whole body was burning. She had taken several medications prescribed by her doctor to no avail.

One day Pastor Malik and his wife were at that village for ministry. When they saw this woman lying in bed, they asked what had happened and how long she had been suffering. She told them that she had spent much money for treatment but she did not get well. Pastor Malik and his wife shared testimonies of how the Lord Jesus had power to heal diseases and cast out demons. They were amazed and asked how could someone be healed miraculously apart from medicine. They requested prayer.

After the conversation Pastor Malik and his wife ministered to her in Jesus’ name. It was wonderful as she felt the Lord’s power in her body instantly, healing her from the terrible pain. Praise the Lord that five families in that village accepted Jesus Christ.

A woman named Bhagharati was in very serious condition. The doctor determined that an artery in her brain had ruptured and Bhagharati might not survive another twenty days. After hearing this from the doctor the family was very disturbed. They did not know what to do. When Pastor Malik went to that village they shared these things with him through tears. He preached the gospel and asked them to believe in Jesus.  

They decided trust in Jesus. Pastor Malik and his wife visited the village for three days to minister to Bhagharati. But many people criticized the family for the course they took since the doctor had already determined that she could not survive. Many suggested that their only hope was to take Bhagharati to a big hospital. But they were going to do what they had decided.

Praise the Lord Pastor Malik and his wife ministered to Bhagharati for three days. Day by day she started feeling better. She has lived beyond the twenty days given to her by the doctor, and her health is now improving. The entire immediate family along with other relatives accepted Christ after witnessing such a powerful miraculous healing. Praise the Lord for this wonderful report from Pastor Malik.”

Reports from Elijah Challenge Orissa Coordinator
Subodh Jena

 Report from Elijah Challenge Pastor Mansukh

“In a village named Kankadahada there was a man named Mihir Behera. For a long time he had been diagnosed with cancer. He was not well even after taking medicine for a long time. His life was in a shambles. At the same time his wife had been suffering terribly at the hands of a sorcerer. She would have a fever all day but a blood test revealed nothing.

Along with a few believers Pastor Mansukh began ministering to this family over a period of a week. Slowly yet miraculously Mihir is being healed.  Now he has been much better for the past fifteen to twenty days. The Hindu goddess as well as the many idols in their home used for basic daily worship has been removed and put away.

Mihir’s wife has also been delivered from the sorcerer’s attacks and is now completely fine. Through these miracles four families accepted Jesus Christ.

There was a man named Suresh Mishra who due to a problem in his family went and drank poison. He was about to die but somehow ended up in a hospital. Pastor Mansukh was in that hospital to minister to someone else. He happened to meet Suresh and shared the gospel with him. The Lord changed his heart and he accepted Christ. 

A woman had an open wound in her mouth for a month, making it difficult for her to eat and drink. The Lord healed her as Pastor Mansukh ministered to her.

Praise the Lord for the great work he is doing through The Elijah Challenge.”