The ministry of Brother Muthamaji

Our Elijah Challenge brother Muthamaji informed us that by the grace of God he had arranged a Feeding Event in a remote village called Dangulu. He reached it after walking for two hours. He discovered that in almost every home there were seven to eight children. The village was very small, but filled with children. He preached the gospel to the villagers, and invited people to be healed by Jesus who alone is the Son of God. Many were healed as the Lord performed miracles. A twelve-year-old girl was suffering from stomach pain due to her menstrual period. The stomach pain left. A woman had been hearing noises in both ears for the last two years, and they thought it was the work of a sorcerer. Jesus touched her and the noises fell silent.

Muthamaji noticed that the villagers did not fear sickness or disease, but rather feared demons as almost all of them asked him to visit their homes for prayer. In the past, many people had passed away following demonic attacks. The people work very hard doing manual labour, but what they earn they spend on drink and getting drunk. Many of them made the decision not to drink any more.

New Elijah Challenge Pastor Prem Pani

Our new Elijah Challenge Pastor Prem Pani shared a very powerful miracle with us. Near his field a family had suffered at the hands of a well-known sorcerer. He had been sending demons to that family causing various torments like their bodies feeling intense heat & burning, severe chest pain, and stomach pain to mention some. Other unusual things would also happen to them in the middle of the night to torment them one by one.

They called brother Prem and shared these things with him. Immediately our brother ministered to all of them in Jesus’ name, and all of them rested peacefully that night. Again in the morning our brother went there to minister to the family members. I also talked with them and encouraged them, ministering to them over my phone. All the family members accepted the Christ. Praise the Lord!

The ministry of Brother Nayak

Our brother Nayak reported that in a small village he arranged a Feeding Event. Around fifty people including children live in that village. Now it happened that the village chief’s wife had been sick for a long time with hemorrhoids. The family had tried to treat her with medicine, but she did not get well. When he heard that the family had been suffering through this situation for a year, he went there to share with them about Jesus and His miraculous healing. The chief was glad and asked him to arrange a Feeding Event. There our brother preached the gospel and then ministered to the sick. The Lord touched many infirm people at that time. The village chief’s wife was also healed with her year-long pain disappearing in an instant. The chief’s family and the villagers were very glad to receive the Christ.

Another woman was healed from a back injury from which she had suffered for three months. An elderly man had been suffering from demonic attacks for a long time. Because of that his head would be shaking most of the time. After brother Nayak ministered to him in Jesus’ name, he was delivered from the demon and the shaking stopped.”

-Elijah Challenge Coordinator Subodh Jena Kumar
March 2015