The Elijah Challenge in Australia

Melbourne is in the state of Victoria in the southeast of Australia

The Elijah Challenge Basic Training was hosted by International Christian Community, a mostly Asian congregation located in the Glen Waverley area of Melbourne. Participants also came from the neighboring state of Tasmania off the southeast coast of Australia.

The Training was conducted in English and in Mandarin Chinese in separate locations. According to ICC elder Jason Chew, the distinction between the gift of healing and the authority to heal as taught in Scripture had not been clearly understood with the two generally being lumped together. Through the Training the people came to understand the difference between the two more clearly. While not all believers have the gift of healing for building up the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12), disciples have been given a measure of authority to heal the sick for proclaiming the gospel to the lost (Luke 10:9). In the Training at ICC the disciples were taught how to use that authority to heal the sick effectively and scripturally.

Following the Training which took place on Thursday evening, Friday evening, and Saturday morning and afternoon, two evangelistic healing rallies were held where the gospel was preached and the sick were healed in Jesus’ name. The miraculous healings would prove to everyone that Jesus is the only way to the Father and is in fact the Son of God who can grant eternal life.

The healing rally on the second evening

Trained disciples at the front prepare to heal the infirm to confirm 
the truth of the gospel

Above & below: the disciples lay hands on the infirm

After a few minutes people began to climb up to the stage to testify that the Lord had healed them. Although more people were healed on the first evening, below are photos of some who were healed on the second evening.

Above & below: those who are healed testify publicly

This man had to undergo frequent dialysis because of malfunctioning kidneys. When a disciple laid hands on him, he felt power in his body and felt well.

This woman was delivered from the spirit of fear

At the two evangelistic healing rallies quite a few people testified of being healed or physically touched by God, proving that Jesus is the only way to the Father. Many of them were Chinese-speaking. We have seen over the years that when we hold an evangelistic meeting where both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking people are in attendance, a disproportionate of those healed will be Chinese-speaking. This is true even when all of the people in attendance are ethnic Chinese—with some English-speakers and the others Chinese-speakers.

We believe the significant factor therefore is not ethnicity per se or even necessarily geographic location, but more importantly language, culture and background. The focus of the gospel is now turning to non-western-culture peoples who have never heard it. The West has already had the gospel for centuries—to the point of becoming “christianized” and immunized to the truth.

After the testimonies the people rise to give glory to God for what He did.

“You do miracles so great, You deserve the glory”


“My parents came to the healing session which indicated an expectation and better, a belief. My mom, a stroke victim, experienced healing during the session. She could walk and after her testimony on stage (ie, at home) told me a lump around her knee had disappeared, thereby enabling her to lift her leg by more than her normal painful stretch of 6 inches (our church stage has a step of more than 12″). She could also walked freely around the church. Praise the Lord.”

-Jason S.