Christ heals through believers during our May 11, 2002 Healing Encounter in Austin, Texas….


A little 12 year-old girl prayed over Lila, an elderly lady who had suffered for years from chronic pain in her neck and shoulders. The pain disappeared. As Lila later walked to the front, her bad knee snapped into place and was healed.


A sister with a severe chronic lower back problem (caused by a suspected generational curse) was healed when believers laid hands on her in Jesus’ name.


A sister came to the meeting with a horrible chronic migraine. As the meeting progressed and believers were ministering to others at the front with authority, her migraine steadily receded. When at the end of the Encounter a believer finally laid hands on her, her migraine completely disappeared.


A young man suffered from arthritic pain in his wrist because of a broken forearm that did not heal properly. When a brother laid hands on him and spoke in Jesus’ name with authority, the pain left, and he felt more strength in his forearm.


A sister’s ears opened up when a believer put her fingers into her ears and commanded her ears to “be opened!” as Jesus himself did as recorded in Mark 7.33. Later she testified, “I just wanted to tell you that when I got home I COULD HEAR THE MESSAGES ON MY TELEPHONE MESSAGE MACHINE. There were messages there that I had held for a neighbor to come and listen to them and tell me the phone numbers. Peggy stood with me Saturday evening, and she can testify that I could hear the messages without help (except one small thing from her). I praise God.”


A sister with chronic problems near her right shoulder had a hole in her back due to atrophied muscle. The hole disappeared and she felt her collarbone snap into place after believers laid hands on her with authority. Afterwards she was able to raise her right arm with much greater freedom and strength.


A dear Lutheran sister, who rarely if ever laid hands on the sick, testified, “she had a heavy shoulder that hurt. She also had arthritis in her neck. She said it became very light, and something moved around in her shoulder. She did not have pain afterward.”


A sister (left) with a food ministry suffered from tightness in her neck and shoulders. When another sister commanded the infirmity to go in Jesus’ name, she was completely healed.