“Mrs. Puspa Mangraj (third from right above) is a government teacher and her husband is a policeman. Both were orthodox Hindus. They have three grown daughters and one son, with one daughter married to a Hindu. During the recent riots in Kandhamal they supported the Hindus and hated all Christians. 

But in the beginning of 2015 Puspa had a problem in her uterus along with a urinary tract infection which developed into uterine cancer as diagnosed by her doctor. At first they did not share this with anyone, receiving advice only from local doctors in our town of Bhawanipatna.  But after five months as her condition worsened her doctor referred her to a hospital in Mumbai (Bombay) which specialized in treating cancer. They went to Mumbai and stayed there for two months. After spending lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of rupees they were informed by their doctor said that Puspa would not survive, and that she should be taken home to die. She was given two months to live. They returned to Bhawanipatna in great sadness and depression.

Back home they got hold of some very strong drugs from Kolkata (Calcutta), but they did not help. In the meantime some people advised them to consult a sorcerer whom they had brought in from a nearby village. According to his instructions they sacrificed an animal. But that did not help either.

During this period my wife Rosy would talk with her younger daughter Barsha. Rosy told her to bring her mother to us for prayer in her home, and Jesus would heal her. But they remained silent because they wanted to try anything as long as it had nothing to do with Christians. At times when we would visit them at their home they would simply say, “pray for her.”

Rosy, Puspa & youngest daughter Barsha


One day they took to Puspa to the Kesinga hospital with blood in her chest choking her. The blood in addition to seven liters of water in her stomach made it extremely difficult for her to breathe. The doctor informed the family that they could remove the water from her stomach, but not the blood from her chest. They added that since Puspa would die soon, they should take her home.

At that moment Barsha called Rosy from the hospital and told her that the doctor said her mom would die that day. “Would you please pray for her?”

It was the 16th of May in the afternoon when Rosy and I sat together to pray for Puspa. Then we ministered to her in Jesus’ name at a distance. It was amazing to hear their later testimony that even while they were on their way home to Bhawanipatna from the hospital, the dirty blood began to come out of Puspa’s chest.

After arriving home they called us to come pray. We went to their home and the blood stopped flowing. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. He had started to work in her heart. She still needed deliverance from several demon spirits, so from that night onward we went to their home to pray and minister to her. Praise the Lord God during that time He dramatically delivered her from the demons as we ministered to her.

Just one week before this miracle, her husband’s brother was preparing the wood for her funeral which according to Hindu custom was needed for cremation. In reality it was an extremely critical situation devoid of any hope. She was in the last stage of cancer and so they were preparing for her cremation. They had spent around 10 lakhs rupees ($US15,000) for her treatment. We continued ministering to her at their home for a week.

Our gracious Lord touched her and healed her. She is now fine, with her condition continuing to improve. Before she was bedridden and unable to get up at all. Now she is able to do all her own housework. She had not been able to eat properly for a year, but now with her health restored she is eating normally.



Last Sunday (in June 2016) we baptized them as the entire family had accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Praise the Lord for this amazing miraculous healing.”





-Reported by Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India