Reports from Elijah Challenge Africa Coordinator Emmanuel Rhema


Brother Emmanuel was trained at The Elijah Challenge Seminar in November 2004 in Nigeria. He was taught how to heal the sick as Jesus did to prove to the lost that He is the only way to the Father.

Nigeria, September 2005 – “I am very happy to identify with you; I feel good doing the work of God with the proof [of miracles]. The result—what I have not seen for the past 16 years I have seen it in less than a year. What you taught me I have communicated the same revelation to hundreds of ministers and believers. I am currently in high demand by churches. I give glory to God.”

July 2006 – “Your grace and commission is being multiplied in Africa as I train the people as I was trained by you.”


Ogbengbeni, Delta State, Nigeria

by Evangelist Emmanuel
March 14, 2005

“It was on March 11, 2005 that I organized a healing crusade at Ogbengbeni in Delta State. We had a crowd of about 5,000 people. For years, many white missionaries who went there were killed and their blood was used for sacrifice.

Many preachers don’t like going there because of the threat and fear of death. So the few churches there are pastored by indigenous people even though the community doesn’t attend. So the pastors there are really suffering. They met me and told me to organize a healing crusade and I agreed. The Lord provided the finances and I spent it on the crusade. Opposition from the king and other well-recognized chiefs in the community were high.

The first day which was March 11, 2005 I preached on the topic “THE GOD OF ELIJAH.” After prayer, the power of God went into operation as many people were healed from various sickness and diseases and many witchcraft and marine powers were broken in their lives. Many went down under the power of God and were vomiting, passing gas, sneezing, and even excreting (physically). Many if not all were amazed at what was happening and the news of the program spread all over the community. A big crowd gathered for the crusade the second day including the king and those personalities who were opposing opposed to the crusade. I used the king as a point of contact to bring repentance on behalf of the community for the evil in the land, and for the killing of the missionaries.

The third day was the greatest day—we received about 200 testimonies of healing and deliverance. Before preaching I called out for the deaf and dumb. About 27 of them were brought out, and 23 of them were healed instantly. The crowd applauded Jesus the healer. I called out for people who had a leg shorter than the other one. Three people came out, but only one saw his leg grow out to normal position—we give God the glory. When I gave the altar call for salvation, the communities gave their lives to Jesus not far (all). 
Before the evening healing crusade, we had a combined morning service and the king and others were present. I taught them on our authority in Christ and how to heal the sick. In the evening I showed them the practical, applying what I had taught in the morning. Many of them received the Holy Ghost baptism. And GOD WAS GLORIFIED IN ALL.



During the night after the first meeting on March 11, I was resting. I fell into a trance; I don’t know how long it lasted. I saw a man in a pure white robe whom I believe was JESUS CHRIST. He touched my shoulder and pointed to the wall and said “look!” As I looked, I saw a screen showing how he was bitten, brutalized, carried the cross, and killed. After that it showed his resurrection. Then the film ended.

When I looked back at him, I saw his hand dripping with blood. He then said, “take my saving and healing power to the nations through the preaching of the CROSS, follow after the pattern of Brother Bill, heal the sick and train my people to heal the sick.” He then went out. I woke up and my body was shaking and I was shedding tears. The film in the revelation was horrible. Now I understand how he suffered. I look around and see that the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few. My desire and intention to reach the Musl__ms increased after the revelation. I will not allow his suffering on the cross to be in vain; I will take the message of the cross (as he told me) across the nation.

Sir, with all humility and honesty, I want to make a request that will affect this generation, with the aim of populating heaven and depopulating hell with the healing power of God. If God permit you, I will like you to introduce me to any brother or sister who has a heart to sow seed to assist in evangelism no matter how small. It will bring an encouragement.

With love from me your son,

Evangelist Emmanuel”



The Healing Seminar

Ghana is a peaceful nation, a place where people respect one another. There is no notable violence there, the electricity there is consistent as well as the tap water. Cases of robbery are not ordinarily known. Drivers are disciplined and traffic lights work perfectly. The Ghanaians are naturally disciplined.

The Ghanaians love God, they pray and worship God from their hearts, they are lovable people. The Healing Seminar & Crusade was held at Spintex Road in a Guest House conference hall. I used the hall to avoid denominational bias. The first day of the seminar we recorded about seventy five persons, the second and the third/last day we recorded over one hundred persons which included Bishops/Apostles, Pastors and other believers. I gave an introduction to the purpose of the Seminar and then put on the “HEALING SEMINAR DVD PREACHED BY BROTHER BILL.” After each session, I took questions to which the Lord gave me appropriate answers. After the questions, we began the practical session as I ministered the healing power of God to the sick, and also gave opportunity to the trainees to minister to the sick with 90% success. Among those healed in the Healing Seminars are:

1. Three deaf and dumb people
2. Night blindness 
3. Arthritis
4. Neck, hands, waist and joint pains. 
5. A stutterer was instantly healed as he could speak effectively. 
6. A lady evangelist with a lump in her breast testified that had it vanished.

I only ministered to two deaf and dumb people, but the other results were achieved after the believers laid hands on the sick and commanded the infirmities to leave with mountain-moving faith. The results were dramatic as some of the believers shed tears of joy.



We held the crusade for only two days. The crowd that attended was about one thousand people. People came from surrounding areas like Tema, Nkrumacircle, Kumasi, and from Lome in neighboring Togo. The first day of the crusade I preached on the Cross of Calvary emphasising that the price for their salvation and healing had already been paid. After the message I told them that God will confirm his word physically before everyone in the Crusade. I then brought out a few people who were healed in the Seminar to testify; afterwards the faith of the crowd was stirred up. I then prayed a prayer of faith and commissioned the trainees to minister to the sick. The result was powerful, as many sick people were healed instantly; only few persons were not instantly healed. I told them that God will perfect the healing in their bodies. Among those healed in the crusades were.

1. A man jumped out of his stretcher. 
2. A man’s goiter disappeared as a trainee laid hand on the goiter. 
3. People with various pains in their eyes, chest, years of stomach pains, leg, shoulders, waist were instantly healed after the pain was commanded to go.
4. A man with a rotten intestine was screaming as I was praying the last prayers after the healing ministration. He said he felt movement in his stomach, and he could no longer feel any pain. He went to see his doctor the next day, and after being examined, he was declared healed. The doctor personally came to see me in my Guest House where I was put up.

People who came from Togo are expecting me to come and have a similar meeting with them. I told them that what they learned from The Elijah Challengeon DVD and myself they should go and teach it to others; the Lord will confirm His word with signs and wonders. In the course of time when the Lord provides I will be in Togo for similar meetings.

Currently I am trusting God to reach out to Benin Republic, Northern Ghana, and Ivory Coast from the last week of August to the end of September with Healing Seminar & Crusade. It is going to be one of my longest ministry trips. I covet your earnest prayers.



The Elijah Challenge DVD played a very important role in the Healing Seminar. They heard the teachings from the visionary; I wouldn’t have been able to explain the way it was in the DVD and it saved me some energy. Some people testified that they felt the anointing as they listened to the teachings on DVD.