East Malaysia
July 4, 2009

First night of Training

Report from sponsoring Australian Church
More reports from Pastor Albert

The night of the Healing Rally was filled with excitement. The parking lot was already packed and people were parking their vehicles across the street. It was great to learn that there were many Pre-Christians among the crowd. The worship team was made up of young people and the worship leader was Tabitha, the pastor’s daughter. Just don’t get these Iban young people started – they can out-rock any rocker groups in the world. The only difference was that they were worshipping Jesus. Many of their worship songs were obviously not from my generation but judging from their lyrics, these were very powerful songs. Pastor Greman and I realized that we had to learn to worship with these young people or be left behind.

I preached from John 3:16. Explaining about the sins of mankind that need salvation provided by Christ, I also shared about the love of God. Then I appealed for a verdict. The people responded overwhelmingly. The Pre-Christians confessed their sins and prayed along with Pastor Greman in the Iban language.

During the time for healing, the Lord confirmed His Word by healing many who were suffering from all kinds of pain and diseases. The deaf could hear and the lame walked. The testimonies kept coming as more and more people were healed. The faith of the trained disciples was at all time high. Many of them continued to exercise their faith and authority to heal even after the service. We praise God that there were more people healed on this night than any other nights.