June 2005

Reports from Lucy

Lucy taught the Elijah Challenge Seminar in the Chinese Lutheran Church in Minneapolis during a weekend in June 2005. Below is the feedback she received from the Senior Pastor Shen Lin.


Dear Lucy,

It was certainly an exciting experience while you were with us. I apologize for the late response. It has been one and half a year. I was waiting for the results to report back to you.

Prayers make things happen. Thank you for reminding us about His healing power through our faith in Him.

A retired Chinese pastor did read closely about your theology and concluded it’s good mainline theology. Three scholars, two hold PhDs and one holds a master degree, expressed major improvement on their health, back, allergy and weight during the sessions you led. Some other people showed minor improvement. There are a few persons starting to call for healing in name of Jesus.

Again, thank you for your testimony and for giving our benefit by calling on the Lord’s name for healing. Many of us grew in faith.

May the Lord be with you and bless you, your husband and your ministry.

Pastor Lin