Orissa, the poorest state in India, is dominated by Hindus

Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena

“On 23rd August night SWAMI LAXMANA NANDA SARASWATI, (RSS Orissa Supreme) was killed by a mob of Naxsal or some other group. And it has taken place as a thunder to the Christianity. Now in all districts of Orissa, Christians are frightened and insecure because in every part of Orissa the Hindus are attacking the people not only to the people but Orissa is baand (“damaging or strike”). In Bhawanipatna the Hindus attacked the Catholic sisters who were coming to the Church for Sunday service from Dharmagarh Church. Even though the police are patrolling all over the areas still it’s very much fearful for the Christians to remain in safety. Many have already beaten and injured.

Ten people have been killed and more than five have been burned alive. Almost all churches have been broken into and burned. Everywhere the same situation is going on. In Bhawanipatna also their main target was me to attack; for three days the police force is just to us for our security. On 25th August by 12 o’clock Hindus (more than 70 people) came to our colony to attack. That day had a strike in Orissa, when they came I was in hiding. They broke our school vehicle and said that they will be attacking me by the evening. But thank God nothing happened till today we are at home and the police force is with us.

These few days the curfew will be going on and all schools and colleges will be closed.”


September 2, 2008

Brief Report:

“In the district of Kandhamal thus far around 35 people died and hundred churches have been destroyed and burned down. In the same district a hundred villages have been burned. The Christian people have fled to the jungle out of fear of the Hindu fanatics. The condition of Christians is very miserable, people are crying every where. The government of police have declared a curfew to the district of Kandhamal.

In the same way in my own Gajapati district where most of the influential leaders came out from that district. But very sorry to inform you eighteen big churches have broken and five people killed by Hindus. Among the five, one person was burnt alive. My perents they were not in home they had hidden in a secret place for secure their life. Almost all the villages of our district burned by them. Most of the major incidents took place in front of the police.

In Bhubaneswar the capital of Orissa the Christian also attacked by Hindu fanatic RSS/BHP groups. Many Churches have been destroyed and a few pastors and secretary left their house. The RSS had burned much Christian literature. Till now we did not receive any death issue there.

In the district of Bargarh the RSS has done such a cruel thing to the Christians. Eventually they destroyed three churches, burnted a few four wheelers. And one Catholic sister was burned alive and another one hanged on a tree. In the place called Mohona three of the Catholic fathers were killed and one was crucified.

In the district of Rayagda and Gunupur also the same situation. Many have been beaten and the Hindus destroyed churches and vehicles and all. A place called Muniguda small town of Orissa. RSS people destroyed the Bethel Church and school building and burned three school vehicles. Pastor and believers have been scattered to other places. From Muniguda to 10 kms places called Bisumcuttak where a big Christian Hospital is there. The Hindu fanatic has destroyed a big church of this hospital.

Now the situation of Orissa is so terrible and in every where curfew. A number of people are dying and till the numbers are coming out. When a chief minister not allowed to come the other Congress leaders to visit the are of (Kandhamal district) destroyed villages but allowed for BJP leaders it became a state issue. Every body unhappy for the chief minister to do such a cruel thing. It is investigating that why he did this thing.

Out of 30th districts in the state of Orissa more than fifteen have been seriously affected. I have no words to explain the things that going on here we are not able to go out any where the terror sensation is going on. Police are near by our house but everything is happening—burning, killing, destroying—right in front of the police.

Yesterday two Christian people were killed by Hindu fanatics in nearby Bhawanipatna. The anti-conversion ruled was passed in the state of Orissa. Now conversion and evangelism is strictly banned by the state government. Even they oppose to the small cottage fellowship.

Now it is the top and terrible time to do the ministries here in Orissa. Not only with the Hindus but with Christianity too because some places fanatics burned the Bibles and destroyed the churches. Surely they need the word of God and the fellowship of Jesus Christ. And I think it can be done just by us orals who may stand in the gap.

Still now the burning, destroying and killing is going on in the towns and villages. We are locking the outside door and staying inside and like this we are hiding our self. We have closed our Bible College and orphanage for few days. Kindly pray that God may give us strength and bold enough to stand for Him and also the Heavenly protection may sustain us.”


September 21, 2008

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ.

We are fine here. Thank you so much for your earnest prayer because of the powerful prayer of powerful servant of God still we are alive in this world. Till now the situation of Orissa is in uncontrolled. Still the burning, breaking, killing is going on. Moreover the government is unable to sustain the situation. We are also in same insecure, and people are threatening us. But the Emmanuel God is with us and He says not to be afraid I am with you. The five police are still in our campus.

The next big attack is going to happen after few days. From 23rd September to 23rd October for one month they will have a procession with huge gathering. They will go around in each part or each town or village of Orissa by taking the buried mud [ashes?] of Swami Saraswati. They will force the Christian people to reconvert to Hinduism again, those who won’t agree to them they will be punished by Hindus. After hearing all these definitely people may get scared or may nervous.

Pastor, just I humbly request to you please pray for all these things and pray for us too God may not allowed for us to be happen any kind of situation.

Another thing people are struggling a lot (those who are in relief camp) they are not getting proper food, cloths or other necessary things. Only government is providing them but Government is not allowing to any NGO or Christian Mission to relief.

In the situation of struggle, trouble, problem, the flood attacked the people. 30 lakhs (10 million) people in 17 districts are in water. Many have already died. Now people struggle to survive their life. Some places relief could not reached yet.

Of course it is very much painful for the people those who are facing this situation. They are sustaining themselves in winter, summer and rain with much pain.

I believe a great thing is to be happening in the days ahead.