Bejoli–Sardana is in Meerut, a region in Uttar Pradesh

Pastor Simon Haqq (left)
Director of TEC Training Centre India Pastor Joshua Gowda at right

Reports: The Elijah Challenge in India

Director Joshua Gowda wrote:

“In Bejoli–Sardana village in Meerut we conducted our March Elijah Challenge Feeding Event. In Bejoli–Sardana Hindus dominate with approximately seven thousand people living in the village.

The Elijah Challenge Meerut City Coordinator Pastor Daniel told us the following story: in the year 1950 the Methodist Church constructed a church building for five Christian families. But after some time two of the families left the village. At the same time the pastor of the Church also left the village. Since then no worker, pastor or evangelist went to the village. The rest of the Christian families became Hindus. The church building was left with no one to care for it! Eventually it was used by the villagers to tie up their cows and goats and pigs.

Just five months ago Pastor Daniel and his team were praying for the villages in Meerut. God showed him that he should go to Bejoli–Sardana village and he was obedient to God’s voice. They went door to door visiting, preaching the Gospel and healing the sick. The people heard, he and his team went and cleaned up the whole church building.

In this village on 20th of March we conducted a Feeding Event and held the opening for the church. 389 people came for the Feeding Event. [First Pastor Simon Haqq preached the gospel. Then servants of God trained under The Elijah Challenge ministered to the infirm in Jesus’ name.] A lady named Rani Devi was suffering from pain in her eyes and she was not able to see properly. She was healed and gave her testimony. Many other healings also took place.

Close to 278 people made a first-time commitment to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Daniel Mashi called on the phone and said on Easter Sunday 244 people came to attend the Sunday service. Now this church building is used for Sunday services, sharing the Gospel and healing the sick. Our TEC team of trained believers is working hard to reach this village for God. Please pray that the whole village may come to know the Lord Jesus.

Pastor Daniel’s co-worker, Pastor Sastri, takes care of the Church.”

Pastor Joshua Gowda and TEC Meerut Coordinator Pastor Daniel

Above & below: the village of Bejoli – Sardana

The abandoned Methodist Church building had been used by the villagers for cows, goats and pigs

Pastor Simon Haqq preaches the gospel at the Feeding Event in the old Methodist Church

Above & below: to confirm the truth of the gospel, the infirm are healed in the name of Jesus Christ

Among several other miraculous healings, Mrs. Rani Devi’s eyes were freed from pain and she could see properly

Hearing the gospel and seeing the miracles, the Hindu people readily accept Christ as Lord and Savior

Above & below: Pastor Simon Haqq leads in prayer

Close to 278 Hindus make a first-time commitment to Jesus Christ

Above & below: 389 people were fed at the Feeding Event

The church buildling is restored and no longer inhabited by swine and cattle

“Driven out of the Temple”

The leaders at Bejoli-Sardana with Pastor Joshua Gowda (center)