January 2011

Reports from Albert Kang

Mission team members healed and delivered at Seminary

Saturday Evening, January 15

The first healing testimony in Baguio was that of a Singaporean brother. He had come to minister to the people in Baguio with his mission team from a Methodist church in Singapore. This brother and his team were staying at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary and that evening, had dropped by to greet Rev. and Mrs. Yee Tham Wan, the seminary’s president and his wife. I was present at the Yee’s residence because I was the guest of the president. The world is indeed a small place because one member of the mission team knew me from way back. This sister was a former member of our church in Singapore. She and I had not met each other for about 20 years. After the introduction to her teammates, the subject of healing came up. I took the opportunity to share about The Elijah Challenge and what ordinary Christians can do about the healing ministry. After sharing, I asked if anyone needed healing and two from the team responded.

Because of his depleted hearing condition, the brother had to wear a hearing aid. On that cold Saturday’s night, as his fellow team members laid hands on him and commanded his ear to be healed. A miracle happened – the static noise in the ear was immediately gone. Everybody rejoiced and laughed at the expression of shock on this brother’s face. He said that he could hear much better than before. After the second rebuke, his hearing continued to improve. By the time, the impromptu healing session ended, this brother claimed 70 percent recovery of his hearing. The rest of the team promised to continue exercising their faith to heal him further in the name of Jesus.

A lady had a condition that was definitely caused by demonic interference. She said that as she walked into the president’s house, the right side of her body began to shake. Apparently she had this condition for quite a while and it usually happened when she was going to church or attending any Christian activities. She had sought medical helps and the doctors confirmed that the shaking had nothing to do with Alzheimer’s disease or any other known diseases. During the ‘interview’ she expressed desire to get her ‘shaking’ condition healed. After giving the female members of the team instruction about how to lay hands and rebuke the infirmity, I proceeded to command the shaking to stop and the body to be healed. The team members repeated my commands, word for word as they laid their hands upon her right arm and leg. The lady’s disposition suddenly changed and took on an almost playful and mischievous behavior. She pushed my hand, and in a very meek voice, asked me to go away. I was little surprised by the demonic manifestation because this lady was supposed to be a Christian. The team heard me exclaimed, “Is she manifesting demons?” With one voice, they said, “yes”. The team leader, who apparently knew her well, said that this lady had manifested demons before. By that time, the team members had stopped laying hands and stepped away. In spite of me struggling with my theological understanding of the situation, I decided to cast out the demons with the authority and power given to me by our Lord Jesus. The brave sisters moved in quickly to join in the deliverance.

The victim squirmed in great discomfort as the commands of eviction were leveled at the demons. There was no screaming except the inflicted lady was turning her head from side to side. Then the turning stopped and she became calm. Peace apparently came upon her and the shaking of the limbs were greatly reduced. Later, the shaking stopped completely and she recovered the control of her limbs.

After the eviction of the evil spirits, I questioned the sister about the ‘open doors’ of her life that had allowed demons to take control of her. She shared a sad tale of relational disharmony, anger, frustrations and disappointments. She had harbored all these hurts for so long that even when asked to confess and forgive, she took a while to consider. Weighing the consequences of disobedience, she decided to forgive and surrender all her burdens to Jesus. Without anyone noticing, the shaking had reduced and then it came to a halt. She stood up and smiled. There was a radiant on her face and that glow remained even till the following day, when I met her again on the way to church.

Praise the Lord for doing a marvelous in the lives of these precious ones.

Sunday, January 16

This morning, in both services at Trinidad, God moved mightily and more than 30 people were miraculously healed. I just came back from an evening service in another church, and God not only healed the members but also the pastor.