Angela is a cardiac nurse in Houston and a supporter of The Elijah Challenge. Her dear mother is currently one of our Board members, and her dear father a former Board member.

Angela and her parents were in attendance at our October 29 Elijah Challenge Gala earlier this year (2020). Angela and her husband Kameron had not been able to have children, and so had requested prayer. Earlier in the day before the Gala I had reminded my wife Lucille to go and minister to Angela for the Lord’s miraculous touch on her womb.

On December 5, a bit over 5 weeks after the Gala, we received the following from Angela…

“I wanted to let you both know that Kameron and I are pregnant. I am about 9 weeks and will be due in July. I know FOR A FACT that our little miracle occurred at the Gala this year.

Kameron and I had been trying for a baby for 4 years. As part of fertility treatment through an acupuncturist I had been seeing, I was checking my temperatures every morning. The morning of October 29 my temperature dropped and I woke up feeling emotionally crummy and knew I was about to start my cycle [meaning no pregnancy].”

At the end of the Gala program later that same day of October 29, we began ministering to those who needed physical healing from the Lord. Lucille left her seat and went directly to the table where Angela and her parents were seated. She laid hands on Angela’s womb in the wondrous name of Jesus Christ. Now for the climax of Angela’s testimony…

“That evening I received prayer with my mother, father, and Lucille at the Gala. The next morning my temperatures shot up and remained elevated for several days. I know God had IMPLANTED our miracle THAT EVENING. There is no other explanation.

I took a test on Monday, November 2 and it was positive. 

God is so good and gave us a miracle that night at the Gala.”

Founder of The Elijah Challenge
December 6, 2020