In August 13, 2019 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Genesis. After her two-week checkup with the pediatrician my physician heard a heart murmur and we were referred to a pediatrician cardiologist to get it checked out. After seeing the pediatrician cardiologist and having some tests done, he diagnosed her with a heart condition called VSD, Ventrical Septal Defect and also a leaky heart. This is a condition that allows blood to travel into the lungs which made it difficult for her to breathe, and if left untreated it could cause complications.  

It was devastating knowing that my little girl would need to have open heart surgery to fix it.  At 3 months of age in November of 2019 she was scheduled for open heart surgery to correct the problem. While speaking to the cardiologist I was told that there was a risk of complications, and he needed to let me know before the surgery.

I was very overwhelmed and needed a miracle from God. While navigating the internet and looking for prayer support I ran into The Elijah Challenge and saw they had a situation with another baby somewhat similar to mine and so decided to contact them. I emailed The Elijah Challenge for prayer, and that very day they responded and put me in contact with Elijah Challenge-trained Brother Steve.  

Throughout the surgery and her recovery, there were no complications. Seven days in ICU and day by day she was getting better and better.

Genesis is almost a year old and she is doing great! The cardiologist said it’s like she never had surgery done and that she is a miracle baby! Her whole recovery after the surgery was supernatural.

I want to thank God for the miracle he did for her. I also want to thank The Elijah Challenge for all their prayers and support!

I want people to know that God works in ways we don’t see and that He will never leave you. Throughout the surgery I knew He was with her.

Maria Tavares