“Greetings to you in Jesus’ precious name. There is severe persecution going on in India, but at the same time we are seeing great harvests of souls. Thank you so much for your intercessory prayer and support. We had a very fruitful Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in a remote village here in Orissa, India.

While we on the way to this remote village with some of our Elijah Challenge workers, I was thanking the Lord for such an opportunity to go to a very remote area where people have never heard about the Lord. The living conditions of these poor and tribal people pathetic due to ignorance and lack of education. They consume alcohol in large quantities and are addicted to cigarettes. I believe only the gospel of Jesus Christ can transfer them from darkness to the light. 

At our Feeding Event a fully inebriated man showed up and asked us to pray for him. The people are not serious about life and caring for their families.

Over three hundred and fifty people accepted Christ in this Feeding Event. Praise the Lord!

Some reports of miraculous healings:

For three years an elderly woman (below) named Lathika was not able to see properly. She would need help from her granddaughter to do household work. During the meeting in front of the crowd she suddenly stood up and asked us to minister to her for her eyesight. We ministered to her in Jesus’ name, and at that moment her sight was restored. Our Lord Jesus had miraculously healed her.

She was so happy for her healing. I explained to her that Jesus Christ had healed her, and that He is only way to the Father in heaven.

In the same way a man named Abinash had been unable to see properly in both eyes. His sight was completed restored.

A man named Karuna had been suffering from hemorrhoids for six months. He would scream in pain. When we ministered to him in the powerful name of Jesus, the pain vanished and the hemorrhoids disappeared. He was very excited to experience the power of God in his body, and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour.

For three months a young woman named Kabita was suffering from a gynecological problem. Every week she had to go to the doctor to get medicine. She was feeling very weak and uncomfortable. But our Lord Jesus graciously healed her.

Thank you so much for helping us to reach such a needy village people for the life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ.”