Krishna Colony is in East Delhi


Director Joshua Gowda of The Elijah Challenge Training Center India reported:

“On 21st July 2009 we had another very successful gospel event at Uttam Nagar East – Astala, Delhi.

Approximately three hundred sixty-eight Hindus came to attend our Elijah Challenge Feeding Event, and close to 310 of them gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ and received their salvation. Through our Elijah Challenge-trained pastors and believers several healings took place. We have planted two more Elijah Challenge Churches in Uttam Nagar East Astala Delhi.”

The proclamation of the kingdom of God to the Hindus

Pastor Simon Haqq preaches the gospel

Above & below: Hindus accept Christ as Lord and Savior


The healing of the infirm according to Luke 10:9 (“Heal the sick and tell them ‘the kingdom of God is near you'”)

Testimonies of miraculous healing by Jesus Christ

For a month, Sarsvati Devi was not able to lift her right hand. At the Feeding Event she was totally healed and able to lift her hand normally. Above she is testifying.


The feeding of the villagers

Luke 10:9 “Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God is near you.’”