The mission of The Elijah Challenge is to train and send harvest workers into gospel-resistant regions of the world to preach the gospel and heal the sick (Luke 10:9) as compelling supernatural evidence to gospel-resistant people groups that Jesus is in fact the Messiah. The great harvests of souls we see in Acts are now being restored to missions in India. This is taking place during these Last Days through the nameless local disciples we are training and sending to untouched regions outside of urban areas where the gospel is already available.

96 house churches planted in 1 year by 72 newly-trained workers

“We doing the works that Jesus did? No way…impossible!”

If you would like to be trained in the same way to heal the sick—just as Jesus taught and commanded his disciples before he sent them to the harvest field—we welcome you to join us this May 3-5 in Kilece, Poland.

The acceleration in missions during these Last Days


Founders: Brother William & Lucille