Reports from Jaimie Alonso

Jaimie Alonso was trained under The Elijah Challenge in Houston in February 2008. He reports: 

April 12, 2008

“Last night, Friday, was the youth outreach from The Elijah Challenge Training session I taught a few weeks ago. I was a little nervous as to the outcome as two of the churches decided not to participate and this would be my first actual outreach. I spent about six days fasting in preparation for this event wondering if there would be any healings and more importantly, salvation responses. A gal had shared her powerful testimony of how she had been healed at the youth leaders retreat. I shared from 1 Kings 18 and Mark 2 and talked about how radical healings are to prove that the God that heals is the same God that forgives our sins. I asked for those that had a need for healing to stand, and then I asked for the youth leaders that had been trained to go to those people and lay hands on them. We corporately prayed and again God was faithful to heal. There were 2 backs, 2 knees and 1 wrist that had been operated on a week ago. There was no range of motion in the wrist, but after prayer it moved fantastically. The 2 knees belonged to the youth pastor. He experienced a healing in one knee during the corporate time and came at the end of the meeting for the other knee. I had the 2 girls whose backs were healed lay their hands on top of my hands and a led them in authority to heal this knee. Again there was healing and these 2 girls did not even have training. Unfortunately the only non-christian did not come forward but I was able to spend some time with him and shared about how important he was To God.

The youth pastor shared about his little boy Ethan who had been suffering from nose bleeds for months. Everyday he woke up with blood on his pillow. About 6 weeks ago, in his office I prayed for his nose and for about the last 5 weeks there was no bleeding. [Ethan is 3 years old and was very much afraid of me praying for him as he really did not know me.] He woke up the other morning with the other nostril bleeding and immediately went to his daddy and asked him to pray. Praying in authority the bleeding immediately stopped and has continued to stop. Here is the fun part. Just before our meeting last night, Ethan’s mom called the church to tell us that Ethan had removed the band aids from his sore fingers because he had prayed thru Jesus to heal his fingers. No need for band aids because there was NO MORE PAIN! I am sharing this story to emphasis how important this youth generation is in fulfilling the Great Commission and the importance of them being able to walk in the ways of the Lord to present the ‘Same God that heals, forgives sin’!”


March 15, 2008

“Last weekend I was able to share the TEC course at a youth leaders retreat. Only one leader came forward for healing. She had been in a car accident some years ago and was not able to stand for any length of time. I had all the youth come and lay hands on her as I led them in authority. To their amazement the pain left her back but moved into the back of her legs. We prayed again and it moved down to her calves. Again we prayed and all was gone. We watched her enjoy her healing as she did not sit for hours. Her testimony was given the next Sunday. Her family are not believers so this will speak loudly to them. The youth were “pumped” as many had never witnessed a healing before, never mind praying for one! We will have a multi church youth out-reach April 15. The new trained youth will be praying for their unsaved friends.

I challenged the youth to step out and pray for their friends at school. I really believe that this is the generation to focus on to see the Great Commision completed.”


February 25, 2008

“Sunday was another time for God to heal our afflicted. I demonstrated the healing-at-a-distance we were taught in Houston and the results again were fantastic. A lady was was delivered from an oppression she has suffered from for several months, another had her back healed and another lady with chronic shoulder pain was healed. I encouraged those that wanted hands laid on them to come forward. Another man was delivered, two shoulders and an elbow were healed and a knee with fluid and no range of motion was also healed. 

I will do my first training session 2 weeks from now and have an invitation in the works from a church in Alberta. Thanks to God for His faithfulness.”


February 2008

“This past Sunday I was asked to share with the congregation what happened in Texas. Then we opened up the altars and many people came forward for prayer. I did not even get a chance to explain how to pray and things were happening. One older lady that had been in a wheelchair and now walks with a cane, put her cane down and danced before the Lord and us all. She said the pain has come back but I told her that we would see the mountain moved. Another little boy had nose bleeds for sometime and they have not returned. Another man had his hearing restored. 

My sunday school group has gotten so excited that we are going to try and knock on every door of our little town of 10,000. All this and with no training. God is good!! This Sunday I am going to model mass healing [healing-at-a-distance]….I can’t wait!”


February 2008

“Hello From Canada!! As you know there was a struggle with the healing in the bone in my foot. Well I kept pursuing the healing and when I walked into the customs area in Vancouver, the pain was gone. Yippee. There was another slight pain today and I went after it again and as I write this, still pain free.”


Luke 10:9 “Heal the sick who are there and tell them,
‘The kingdom of God is near you.’”