Reports from the ministry of Debi Frey

November 2012

“My husband, Kenny, was working out at the gym one morning very early a couple of years ago.  He was lifting heavy weights using the weight bench and somehow when he went to pull up on the bar, his hand got caught in a mechanism of an nearby workout machine, almost severing the middle finger on his right hand.

The bone was bare from the lower most knuckle on up to the tip of that finger.  The skin and tissue was scrapped off of the bone, just a huge flap hanging on the backside of his hand at this point.  

The emergency room doctor explained that his finger would most probably need to be amputated, but upon Kenny’s insistence and promise to see a hand specialist doctor the following day, the doctor simply wrapped the tissue back around his finger and stitched it up.  He warned Kenny that gangrene may set in, to be sure to see the hand specialist immediately the next day.

Of course the hand doctor was not optimistic at all. 

After examining Kenny’s severed finger, he explained that he could do three things.  
1) amputate the finger down to that lower most knuckle  
2) Fuse that finger with the finger next to it, so that blood supply could reach the affected tissue  
3) Borrow tissue from the ball of the hand and pack it into the stitched up finger.  

The doctor did not have much confidence in the last two options, but he said that he was willing to try the option we wanted.

In this meeting, with the faith of God, I asked the doctor if we could have 3 days to think and pray about the options presented to us.  (Esther’s 3-day fast came to my mind!) 

He quickly pointed out that we did not have 3 days, the tissue is already dying and some of it was already dead, as he pointed out.  He would have to operate the very next day, no matter what.  No way around that.  We had to choose which option we wanted.

With Kenny’s faith added to mine, that night before we retired to bed, I helped him unwrap the bandages to be able to see and minister to his finger.  

What we saw was quite amazing.  The entire finger was very black.  Wow.

This did not deter us.  In fact, more faith welled up instead.

I pointed at his finger and commanded that the tissue LIVE in Jesus Christ name.  I commanded life-giving blood to flow into his finger, supplying needed oxygen.  I commanded that finger to be restored in Jesus Name, better than before this happened.  Then, we redressed the black finger and went to sleep, peaceful sleep both of us had that night.

The next morning, we met the hand specialist at his office, next to the hospital.

The doctor took the bandages off of Kenny’s finger and BEHOLD, the entire finger’s tissue was a beautiful pale PINK color, not a trace of black remained.  

His entire finger was a white-pink color – all of the tissue was alive!  

The doctor’s face was priceless…he was shocked.  I was happy to announce to him that “it was a God thing, that prayer does indeed work.”  He said “I cannot explain this, but it looks like you will not need surgery after all.  Let’s give it 2 or 3 more days to see what happens”.

Of course, his finger was completely restored.  There is no loss of feeling in that finger either.  Praise God!

We kept thanking God for restoring Kenny’s finger.  God even went so far as to completely restore the fingernail, also!  Looking at his finger today, you can hardly notice that anything happened to it…almost like it never happened.

I am adding pictures of his hand.  I sure do wish we had thought at the time to take a photo of his finger when it was all black.

Praise God, was have the wonderful power living inside of us to do His work in the earth!”

-Debi Frey, Louisiana
Frey Consulting Group