“I am grateful to God for His mighty hand upon our ministry. We had a very powerful miraculous healing at our last Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in June 2017. His name alone was glorified as we witnessed hundreds of otherwise perishing souls added to the Kingdom of God through the ministry of The Elijah Challenge. Praise the Lord.

A boy of around 12 years of age named Tarun had suffered from polio since birth. He had never been able to stand up and walk. It was wonderful to witness our precious Lord touch him. For the very first time in his life he stood up and took some steps (see photos below). The villagers were completely astonished to see such a miracle. This single miraculous healing turned the villagers to Jesus Christ.  Praise the Lord for such a great and mighty thing.

For two years a man named Nilambar (below) had been deaf in both ears.  Following a bout with a certain disease he was left completely deaf. He had tried medication, but nothing worked. It was wonderful to see our God open up both of his ears. He was able to hear clearly.

A woman named Kanti had also been completely deaf. She felt something like electric current flowing into her ears. At that moment both ears opened up by the power of our Lord Jesus.

A young woman named Rajani had suffered from an infection in her uterus for the last year. From time to time she would go to her doctor for treatment, but some pain persisted. Praise the Lord she was wonderfully healed at our Event.

A young man named Kuber (below) had had chest pain for a long time. He would experience weakness due to the pain. During our Event he was feeling very weak with the pain in his chest. The Lord Jesus healed him instantly, and right there Kuber accepted Him as his Lord and Savior.

A gentleman named Digal was suffering from high blood pressure and other diseases. His body would shake constantly, and he felt a burning sensation. At the Event he experienced the mighty healing touch of our Lord Jesus, and he was healed instantly.  

As soon as the preaching and testimonies ended, a very heavy rain began to fall.

There were approximately four hundred and twenty people who accepted Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your intercession and your financial support enabling us to reach such villages.




Our Elijah Challenge Pastor Armikant shared with me that early on other leaders were not receiving his ministry. But nowadays pastors and leaders are responding favorably after coming to know and understand The Elijah Challenge.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India
June 2017