Electrician Kurt Simms, Crosby, Texas




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Kurt and Mary Simms, who own Simms Electric Services, attended the Advanced Elijah Challenge Training in Houston in February 2008. They attend a Baptist Church.

Simms Electrical Services

Miraculous healings confirm the gospel

Kegans State Prison


The proof of our salvation?

Miraculous healings at woman's prison in Texas


God's miraculous works at Plane State Prison

Authority over infirmities & the sinful nature


July 18, 2010

God visits Plane State Prison with miracles & repentance


July 2010

Baptist Pastor healed at church


June 2010

Miraculous healings at Women's Prison


April 2010

Woman healed from vertigo & bad discs


March 2009

Eczema tremendously improved; ministering to woman with tumor & cancer


January 2009

Elderly woman set free from debility & cane at Christmas musical and other testimonies


October 2008

Pain from knee surgery disappears; skin restored before their eyes; and more


August 2008

Herniated discs and disabled knee healed


March 2008

Eyesight restored and more


Luke 10:9 "Heal the sick who are there and tell them,
'The kingdom of God is near you.’"